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Gen. Man. Proc. 702

Eyewitness Identification

Definition: Blind Administrator An administrator who does not know the identity of the suspect or the suspect's position in the line-up.
Definition: Blinded Administrator An administrator who may know the identity of the suspect, but does not know the suspect's position in the photographic line-up.
Definition: Field Identification The presentation of a suspect to a witness following the commission of a crime for the purpose of identifying and/or eliminating a possible suspect.
Definition: Folder Method A photographic line-up where the photographs are placed in separate folders or envelopes and randomly shuffled prior to presentation so that the Assigned Investigator does not know which photograph the witness is viewing.
Definition: Live Lineup The presentation of individuals, including a suspect, in person to a witness, usually in a manner preventing the individuals from seeing or identifying the witness, for the purpose of identifying and/or eliminating suspects.
Definition: Photographic Line-up A collection of photographs including a suspect photograph and filler photographs that are shown to a witness for the purpose of identifying and eliminating suspects.
Acceptable identification methods, from most preferred to least preferred: 1. Photographic line-up conducted by a blind administrator 2. Photographic line-up conducted by a blinded administrator, using the folder method in a blind manner 3. Live line-up conducted by a blind administrator 4. Field identification procedures
Should sequential viewing or simultaneous viewing be used whenever possible? Sequential viewing
Identification of suspects by witnesses should supplement what? other investigative action and/or evidence
In all cases, the administrator will at minimum document in a supplement report the details of the line-up presentation process and results and return the supplement, the line-up form, and all _ _ and documents to the assigned investigator. original photographs
If the witness cannot read or write, the identification procedure should be video recorded. What is the preferred alternative? Audio recording
In a photographic line-up, how many suspects should be included in each identification procedure? only one
Use photographs of individuals who are _ in age, height, weight and general appearance and of the same sex and race. reasonably similar
How many fillers should be included per identification procedure? a minimum of five
Do, or do not mix color and black and white photos? Do NOT
Use photos of the same _ and basic composition. size
The assigned investigator should not be within _ or _, or present in the same room at the time the line-up is conducted. hearing; view
The blinded administrator should not be in a position to view the photographs while the witness is viewing the photographs. The _ should be the only person viewing the photographs. eyewitness
The administrator must not allow a witness to _ a photograph unless the witness specifically request to do so, and the witness must re-review all photographs rather than a specific photograph(s). No more than _ viewings will be conducted. re-review; 2
A suspect has the right to have an attorney present at a live lineup if the lineup is held after the initiation of _ against the suspect. criminal proceedings
In the event the accused refuses to waive his rights and refuses to employ or have an attorney appointed for him, who will the assigned investigator contact and request that the judge appoint an attorney on behalf of the accused? a Bexar County District Court judge
Prior to the lineup, the assigned investigator will inform the District Attorney's Office of the _, _, and _ of the proceedings to give them the opportunity to send a representative. date; time; location
It is recommended that the witness not be allowed to view the live lineup more than _ times. 2
_ should be obtained prior to any Field Identification. Supervisory approval
True or False: Whenever possible, the witness should be transported to the location of the suspect rather than bringing the suspect to the witness. True
Field identification should not be attempted more than _ hours after the commission of a crime. 2
Field identification should only be conducted with _witness present at a time. one
The same suspect should not be presented to the same witness more than _ in either field or subsequent photographic line-ups. once
Each officer participating in the field identification will document their actions and any statements made in a _. supplement report.
The person charged with presenting a line-up to a witness. Administrator
The officer primarily responsible for investigating an incident. Assigned Investigator
The presentation of a photographic line-up by either a blind administrator or a blinded administrator. Blind Manner
The photographs used in a photographic line-up whose, race, sex, age, height, weight, hair style, and general appearance resemble the suspect. fillers
Created by: toniazzo
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