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Gen. Man. Proc. 620

Vehicle Pursuits and Stop Techniques

What is the maximum number of emergency vehicles engaged in a vehicle pursuit, inclusive of the primary and secondary vehicle, that a managing supervisor will determine? 4
Officers will not engage in paralleling, ramming, caravanning, or driving alongside a __ vehicle. pursued
When must emergency vehicles without roof-mounted emergency lights and 2 wheeled motorcycles abandon a vehicle pursuit? When an emergency vehicle with roof-mounted emergency lights enters the vehicle pursuit.
When may the secondary vehicle's siren be deactivated? If it interferes with radio communications.
Secondary vehicle driver responsibility: True or False? Follows the primary vehicle at a safe distance and assumes the radio communication responsibilities for the primary vehicle driver. True
While the highest ranking officer monitoring the vehicle pursuit oversees it, does this relieve the managing supervisor of his assigned procedural tasks and responsibilities of the vehicle pursuit? No
The vehicle pursuit will terminate at the Bexar County line, except when? When continued vehicle pursuit is authorized by the managing supervisor.
In all vehicle pursuits which end in the apprehension of the offender outside of Bexar county, the offender is taken Before a magistrate of the county in which the arrest is made.
Does the managing supervisor assign officers to engage in the vehicle pursuit if there are 2 marked police vehicles from outside agencies already engaged in the vehicle pursuit? No
The apprehension and stopping of fleeing suspects must be done ONLY when? The benefit of apprehension or stopping fleeing suspects outweighs the risks to the officer and or the public.
Do situations where an officer follows a subject vehicle, but does not or has not engaged in apprehension efforts, constitute vehicle pursuits? No
Following a subject vehicle for how long, requires supervisory approval? More than 15 minutes
When may the managing supervisor direct assisting police vehicles to box in the fleeing vehicle, utilizing completed boxing-in training? In situations where the fleeing vehicle is slowed to a near stop by traffic conditions or other obstacles, or while traveling at speeds less than 30 miles per hour. No other manner of boxing-in is authorized.
Vehicle pursuit-SUSPECT entries will remain valid for how long? 2 calendar years
Vehicle pursuit-ARRESTED entries will remain valid for how long? 1 calendar year
In a vehicle pursuit where the suspect evades apprehension or where a vehicle pursuit is terminated, who will the officer forward a copy of the report to? the Traffic Investigation Detail (TID)
Created by: toniazzo
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