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Gen. Man. Proc. 402

Differential Police Response

Notes added to the comments box on the disposition screen are acceptable but the officer is limited to __ characters and once entered and them submitted. 255
Due to __/ __ regulations, criminal histories may not be cut and pasted into the details of the CFS report. NCIC/ TCIC
True of False? Vehicle registrations or personal history obtained from any type of CJIS search shall not be cut or pasted into the comments section of the CFS report. True
Names of juvenile SP's or juvenile victims; child abuse/ neglect SP's, victims or RP's names; sexual assault victim's names; these will not be entered when adding remarks or completing a __ report. CFS (calls for service)
Do not include insurance __ or SID __ , in the comments section of the CFS report. policy number or returns
N-Code 5: Return Call-Added return call to previously written report. Only the __ who handled the original call can use this N-Code number. Officer
N-Code 7: Canceled by the dispatcher- This N-Code number is used solely by who? The dispatcher
In regards to Patrol-Bys': Absent __ circumstances, officers will patrol by the location during their tour of duty and upon completion get a __ check from the dispatcher. exigent, time
N-Code 11: Call canceled by a Communication Unit Supervisor- This N-Code is used solely by the __. dispatcher
N-Code 12: Canceled by Field Sgt- This N-Code is used only at the discretion of a __ based on sufficient information about he call in question. field supervisor
N-Code 17: Animal Call- Misc. animal calls where no police action has to be taken. This is not utilized for __ Complaints ( barking dogs, roosters crowing, etc.) Noise
N-Code 20: No Insurance Towed- Used when the vehicle is towed for no insurance. Officers shall make notes within the CFS screen as to why the vehicle was __ and what __ were taken. towed, actions
N-Code 22: Abn Veh-Pub St/ Cty Prop- (Green Sticker) vehicle abandoned on any public st. (this includes interstates) or any dedicated st. on city prop. An __ information report is not necessary for an impounded abandoned vehicle unless the officer determines otherwise. AFR
N-Code 22: Abn Veh-Pub St/ Cty Prop- Requires the __ or __ of the abandoned vehicle to be entered to the CFS screen license plate or VIN
Officers are still required to submit a __ report when assisting on a major felony case or involved in any case where an arrest has occurred, evidence is handled, or witnesses are interviewed by the officer. supplement
DPR (Differential Police Response) Criteria: The call will be dispatched as soon as possible and officers will arrive as soon as they safely can. Urgent
DPR (Differential Police Response) Criteria: The call will be handled by the next available officer, who should arrive within __ minutes. Standard: 14
DPR (Differential Police Response) Criteria: The officer working the area should be contacting the caller within __ hr or if the caller prefers, the caller can be immediately transferred to an __. Delayed: 1, expediter
DPR (Differential Police Response) Criteria: Calls Handled by phone. Expediter
DPR- Burg. of Coin-Op or Coin Collection machines, Crim. Misch., Graffiti, Add. Info., Lost Prop, Obscene harassing or threatening phone calls, thefts/ gas drive offs, theft of svc, threats unless imm. dang., brg veh, cred/ deb card abuse, ID theft The following types of calls may be expedited
DPR (Differential Police Response) Criteria: Calls which may be self- reported by filling out the appropriate forms via SAPD Website or going to the nearest substation to fill out the appropriate forms. Self-Reported
True or False? Officers shall make all calls assigned by the dispatcher and they shall not dispute these calls or argue with the dispatcher. True
If an officer feels the call should not have been dispatched, it can be brought to the attention of a __ after the call has been made. supervisor
__ calls and __ which are not in progress should be held at shift change. Non-emergency, crimes
True or False? Officers shall no longer request late calls from dispatchers. True
Dispatchers will hold certain calls during the following shift change hours: __, __. 0550-0630, 1320-1400
For non-emergency calls, callers will be given the option of calling back during any of the following time periods: __, __, and __. 0800-1200, 1600-2000, and 0100-0500
Officers _____ add notes to any ____ call sheets Even if the incident requires a police report so that this is available for research or investigations. Shall CAD
This procedure is establishes a set of alternative methods for the traditional field response of non-emergency/non-criminal requests for police services to include the ____ _____ ______ reporting program, the ______ ______ system, and the _______ _______ self- reporting program. Calls for service service expediter SAPD website
Created by: toniazzo
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