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Gen. Man. Proc. 310

Uniforms and Dress Codes

All officers will possess and maintain in good order at least __ complete regulation uniform. 1
Department awards are worn above the __ on the __ side of the regulation uniform shirt. The number of awards worn is limited to __ awards. nameplate, right, 6
True or False? Officers wearing unit pins shall wear the unit pins only on the uniform shirt. True
Shirt sleeves are not to be __ or __ under. rolled up or turned
The mock __ shirt, if worn, is worn only under the __ regulation uniform shirt. turtleneck, long sleeve
Trousers are no shorter than __ inch above the juncture of the heel-sole and the upper part of the shoe or boot. They do not extend lower than this same juncture. 1
During the period of April __ through September __, with the approval of the Division Commander, officers may wear the authorized uniform __. 1st, 30th, shorts
Officers wearing the bicycle patrol duty uniform or approved regulation shorts shall wear plain, __ high, white, dark navy blue, or black socks. ankle
True or False? A United States Flag Pin may be worn with the complete uniform. True
The nametag is worn centered __ above the right shirt pocket seam. 1/4"
The United States Flag Pin will be worn on the __ epaulet of the uniform. It will not be larger that __ X __ in size, and will not include any other __, __, __, __, or __. left, 1"X1", images, opinions, descriptions, statements, or representations
What type of buttons are not authorized for Patrol Officers and Detective Investigators? Metal buttons
The insignia of rank for the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, and Deputy Chief is worn __ from the edge of each collar flap. 1/2"
The insignia of rank for Captain and Lieutenant is worn __ from and __ to the front edge of each collar flap. 1/2", parallel
The insignia of rank for a Sergeant and Detective Investigator is worn __ below each __ patch. 1/2", shoulder
Service bars are sewn on the __ sleeve __ inches from the edge of the inner cuff; bars are approx. __ inches in length and diagonally forward. left, 2", 2"
A minimum of __ belt keepers are worn with the equipment belt. 3
__ keepers are worn on the back of the equipment belt, __ on each side the spinal column. 2, 1
A minimum of __ keeper is worn on the front of the equipment belt where it provides the best support. 1
A holster centered over the outside seam of the trouser leg, a magazine holder worn opposite from the side of the holster, a handcuff case with handcuffs positioned over a rear trouser pocket, and a issued radio carrier worn opposite from the holster shall be worn on the equipment belt
A mobile phone case, a key hold/ flap, a knife case, a second handcuff case, a baton ring/ or approved expandable baton holster, a flashlight ring or carrier may be worn on the equipment belt
Captains and above may choose to wear the Command Uniform Shirt (__ in color) while in regulation uniform. white
While conducting field/ patrol operations Captains and above must wear the complete __. regulation uniform
The optional polo style shirt is not approved to wear without the __ carrier in place. body armor
Department patches and rank insignia on the polo style shirts are __, however, the name and badge will __ be authorized on the polo. mandatory, NOT
The __ and __ will be displayed on the body armor carrier. name and badge
__ shall be marked in the following fashion: Front: Agency Identification Patch (minimum 3"), Badge Patch, Name Tab (minimum 3/8" lettering) Back: POLICE patch (minimum 3") The Rifle Rated External Body Armor
Reimbursements for Damaged, Destroyed, or Lost Uniform or Accessory Items: __ items shall be submitted along with reports to the Division Commander. Damaged
Reimbursements for Damaged, Destroyed, or Lost Uniform or Accessory Items: The request must be made within __ days from the date of the incident or from the date the officer __ to duty, if the officer is on injury leave. 30, returns
No portion of the mustache extends below more than __ inch beyond the line of the individuals upper lip. 1/4"
Mustaches are not __ or __. waxed or twisted
Sideburns are neatly trimmed and straight, they do not extend past the lower edge of the __, nor are they wider at the lower edge or conspicuous in shape. ear
Male Officers: Hair does not touch the __, except for the close cut-hair on the back of the neck. shirt collar
Male Officers: Hair may touch the back of the ear, but not __ over the edge of the ear. extend
True or False? Facial and eye make-up is conservative, neatly and thinly applied, and harmonizes with hair color and the color of the uniform or plainclothes worn. True
Female Officers: Hair does not extend more than __ inches below the top collar of the regulation uniform shirt. 3"
Female Officers: Hair must be pulled away from the __ of the face, and hair must be either secured __ or with an __ ornament. front, naturally, approved
Female Officers: True or False: Pigtails large bouffant hairstyles, and ribbons, are not prohibited. False: ARE prohibited
Rings may be worn, but only __ ring on each hand is permitted. 1
A wedding set is considered __ ring. 1
Officers who are exempt from grooming regulations are prohibited from wearing a __ until they comply with the preceding grooming standards. regulation uniform
Earrings may be worn only by __ officers, except by male officers who are in __ assignments. female, undercover
Earrings shall be __ blue, __/ __ colored, or __ stud type or __ inch single style loop earrings with a __ clasp. No more than __ pair of earrings may be worn. navy, silver/ gold, diamond, 1/2, breakaway, 1
Created by: toniazzo
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