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Gen. Man. Proc. 615

Exposure to Communicable Diseases and Other Public Health Risks

When transporting prisoners exhibiting symptoms of contagious diseases or parasites, officers should operate the police vehicle in the following manner; drive with the window in the __ position or place the A/C or heating controls in __ instead of __ . down, fresh air mode, recycle air mode
Officers should use __ Kits at any scene where body fluids are present or where contagious diseases or parasites are suspected. Infection Barrier
Officers shall not __, __, or __ at scenes where body fluids are present or other contagious factors exist. eat, drink, smoke
The owner or person in charge of the premises where an incident occurred is advised to contact the __ to obtain the proper procedure for decontaminating the premises of infectious material, contagious diseases, or parasites present or suspected. Metropolitan Health District
Potential Exposure: Members, who believe they have been exposed to a communicable disease, must go immediately to __, to be treated and tested. University Hospital
Potential Exposure: In order to qualify for workers compensation benefits, a member who claims a possible work-related exposure must be tested for Viral Hepatitis and HIV within __ days of the exposure. 10
Potential Exposure: If taken within __ hrs of the exposure, some medications are believed to reduce the risk of contracting HIV by __ %. 2, 80
Members document in a __ report their personal involvement in any case in which they have been exposed to the possible presence of contagious diseases, parasites, or infectious material. supplement
Potential exposure by a prisoner who is refusing to be tested for communicable diseases, members will complete an Affidavit in Support of Mandatory Testing for Communicable Diseases SAPD Form __ with the assistance of the follow-up or NCID. #CD-2 Affidavit in Support of Mandatory Testing for Communicable Diseases
Regardless of whether the person consents or refuses, the prisoner is asked to sign SAPD Form __. #CD-1 Consent/ Refusal to Draw Blood for the Testing of Communicable Diseases
If the person refuses to sign SAPD Form #CD-1 Consent/ Refusal to Draw Blood for the Testing of Communicable Diseases the officer writes "__" on the portion of form where the prisoner is supposed to sign. Refuse to Sign
True or False? After the officer has signed the affidavit, the Detectives will notarize it. True
The Detectives will then complete SAPD Form __, and present it as well as copies of completed SAPD Form #CD-1 and #CD-2 to a __ having jurisdiction over the prisoner. #CD-3 Order for Testing, magistrate
True or False? After the magistrate signs the order, a copy is made and given to the personnel at UH, so the prisoner can be immediately tested for communicable diseases. True
Members who would like to know the results of the communicable diseases exams will call the __ with the Health Department at 207-8876. Epidemiologist
__ officers complete all required Workers Compensation forms for members who receive medical attention as a result of exposure to contagious diseases or parasites. Supervisory
Information regarding individuals exhibiting signs of communicable disease is __ and not released other than through official police correspondence. confidential
True or False? Officers disposing of biohazard infectious waste should document in a written report the method used for disposal. False: SHALL
True or False? Members of the Department who need replacement items for their infection barrier kits shall notify their supervisor in writing. True
The Officer sealing the police vehicle shall send a written report detailing the reason for sealing the vehicle to his __ director and the __ Office. Unit/ Shift, Fleet Services Management
Prisoner transport wagons, as a precautionary measure against contagious diseases or parasites, shall be sprayed with a __ grade disinfectant by the assigned officer upon completion of each __. hospital, tour of duty
The seals on each PPE kit will be __ and a report must be written when any of the seals are __. numbered, broken
What does the acronym SLUDGE stand for? Salivation, Lacrimation, Urination, Defecation, Gastrointestinal Distress or Emesis
If the officer believes he has been exposed to a nerve agent, the officer SHALL: Inject the Mark 1 Nerve Agent one handwith above the knee and below the hip, inject one every 10 min, place caps on fingertips, no more than 3 injections in a given day
The PPE kit contains __ Mark 1 Nerve Agent Antidote Kits. 3
Each Mark 1 Nerve Agent Antidote Kit has __ auto injectors. 2
One injector is __ mgs of Atropine and the other is __ mgs of 2 Pam-Chloride. 2, 600
Created by: toniazzo
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