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Gen. Man. Proc. 601


Prisoners are handcuffed as soon as __ after an arrest and before a __ is made. practical, search
Prisoners who are violent and or appear to be under the influence of drugs in addition to being handcuffed, may have their __ secured with __ irons. legs, leg
__ handcuffs may be used when __ arrests are anticipated. Plastic, mass
Plastic handcuffs are removed at the detention facility, processing room, or in the field with __. wire cutters
True or False? Cutting instruments other than wire cutters can be used to remove plastic handcuffs. False: can NOT
True or False? The reaching inside of clothing to immediately retrieve a weapon, contraband, or evidence discovered during a search incident to arrest is not considered a strip search. True
Officers assuming custody of prisoners from other officers are responsible for searching the prisoners again, including __. hand-carried containers
Transporting officers are held accountable for any prisoner arriving at a detention facility or processing room with a __, __, or __ on his person. weapon, dangerous object, contraband
Absent __ circumstances, a female officer should search a female __ or __. exigent, suspect or prisoner
Prisoners undergoing a strip search must __ consent to the search in __ or a __ must be obtained prior to the search. voluntarily, writing, warrant
During a strip search the searching officer and any others present must be the same __ as the prisoner. sex
The officer requesting a strip search must include in their report, the name of the __ present during the search, the names of __ present during the search, the __ location where the search took place, and the __ of the search. supervisor, everyone, exact, results
A copy of the __ or __ must accompany the officers written report, who requested the strip search. search warrant or written consent
__ cavity searches must be conducted at a qualified __ facility and under the authority of a __, or the prisoner must __ consent to a body cavity search in __ prior to the search. Body, medical, search warrant, voluntarily, writing
A prisoner is entitled to reasonable protection while under arrest, officers use reasonable __ and __ to preserve the __, __, and __ of prisoners. care and diligence, lives, health and safety
Prisoners are not placed in a __ position or any other position which could cause positional __. prone, asphyxia
Prisoners who have been exposed to an electrical charge from an __ will not be __ with other prisoners. ECD, transported
Police vehicles with a physical barrier between the front and rear seats may be used to transport a maximum of __ prisoners if there is only __ officer. 2, 1
When a __ officer is available, police vehicles with a physical barrier may be used to transport a maximum of __ prisoners, with the second officer seated in the front passenger seat. second, 3
Police vehicles without physical barriers may be used to transport only __ prisoner, with the prisoner being secured in the __ passenger seat. 1, front
When a __ officer is available, police vehicles without a physical barrier may be used to transport a maximum of __ prisoners, 1 prisoner is secured in the front passenger seat and the 2nd is secured directly behind the 1st prisoner, the 2nd officer sits behind the officer operating the vehicle. second, 2
True or False? Common law marriages do not satisfy a husband/ wife relationship in regards to transporting prisoners. True
If a prisoner is being transported via commercial airline, the escorting officer contacts the appropriate __ and __ security at departure and destination. airline and airport
The appropriate contacts are made __ hrs prior to the flight for arrangement of proper security and clearance in advance. 24
When military personnel are arrested notification is made by the investigative __ or the __, if the __ personnel are not available. follow-up unit, arresting officer, follow-up unit
When arresting military personnel who is notified? the Lackland Military Police at (671-2018)
Military Police should be notified of all Class C misdemeanor citations (except __ ) and all __ . traffic, custodial arrests
Military Police may come and take __ of the prisoner where the __ is made. custody, arrest
The Officer may drop the prisoner off at the nearest __. Military Police Office
__ personnel determine the acceptability of __ property at the Detention Center. Detention Center, prisoners
As a general rule personal property which will fit into an __ X __ envelope is accepted at the Detention Center. 8 1/2" X 11"
Money in excess of __ dollars must be placed into the property room. $1000
__ property placed in the property room is noted on the __. personal, booking slip
Money in excess of __ dollars must be placed in the __ and requires the recall of Property Room personnel after __ working hours. $5000, safe, normal
Prisoners who are unconscious, visibly injured, sick or claiming an injury or illness which requires immediate medical attention are taken directly to medical facility of __ personnel choosing. EMS
Prisoners exhibiting or complaining of minor injury or sickness not requiring immediate medical attention are transported by the __ to the __ University Health Care Building located at __ or to UH at 4502 Medical Drive. arresting officer, Downtown, 527 North Leona
Prisoners transported to the Downtown University Health Care Building are taken into the building through the __ entrance and to the __ floor, to either the __ Care Clinic or __ Care Center. North Leona St., second, Acute, Crisis
During the hours of __ to __, officers shall utilize the medical services of the __ Care Clinic. During __ hours, officers shall take their prisoner to the __ Care Center. 0800 to 2000, Acute, all other, Crisis
Officers shall complete SAPD Form __ on any injured/ sick prisoner in their custody. #62 Injured Prisoner Report
Supervisory officers arrange for the primary officer to be relieved by an officer from the next shift only if they are going to be at the medical facility more than __ hrs past his normal duty hours. 2
Only __ personnel and the prisoners __ are allowed to the see the prisoner while in a medical facility. medical, attornery
If medical authorities advise the prisoner is in danger of __ the officer, with approval of the attending __, allows __ members and the __ to visit. expiring, physician, family, clergy
Juvenile prisoners in a medical facility or hospital may be allowed to have visits by a __, __, __, or their __ if such visits are approved by the attending __. parent, legal guardian, custodian, attorney, physician
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