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Gen. Man. Proc. 504

Execution of Search Warrants

Plainclothes officers will deconflict through __ on __ and __ warrants. HIDTA, arrest and search
A minimum __ hr advanced noticed to the Deconfliction Center is required for optimum conflict resolution. 2
How many days do you have to execute a search warrant if the warrant is issued solely to search for and seize specimens from a specific person for DNA analysis and comparison, including blood and saliva samples? 15
For all other search warrants exclusive of (DNA analysis) how many days are allotted for execution? 3
A search warrant is executed, __ of the day of its __ and the day of its __. exclusive, issuance, execution
A search warrant should be executed when the __ to be seized is believed to be __. property, present
A search warrant should be executed when the __ resistance is expected, or when resistance can be best __. least, controlled
A search warrant should be executed when other such considerations such as __, __, and __ as may be applicable. safety, success, convenience
A search warrant should be executed when there are no __ limits on the __ search of a location once actual __ has been made. time, continuous, entry
True or False? A search warrant is executed at, and the search made of, only the place or places described in the warrant? True
Items discovered during a lawful search, but not named in the search warrant may be seized if; they were found in a place __ within the scope of the search and there is __ cause to believe they are stolen, or are __ or __ of a crime. reasonably, probable, evidence or instruments
Persons named in the __ warrant are searched and any __ the officer(s) develops __ suspicion to believe is armed are __. search, person(s), reasonable, frisked
The officer(s) may search the persons found on the premises to prevent the __ or __ of any __, __, or things particularly described in the warrant if there is __ cause the person(s) may have such items upon his person. disposal or concealment, instruments, articles, probable
Search Procedure: Persons other than __, __, and members of the __ are not allowed to accompany officers in the execution of a search warrant, unless approved in advance through the __. peace officers, police legal advisors, District Attorneys Office, Office of the Chief of Police
The officer in charge should articulate in the affidavit specific exigent circumstances if they exist at the time the affidavit is prepared, requesting specific authorization in the warrant for a __ entry. no-knock
How many officers should be assigned to search a single room or area, if possible? 2 officers
A record is kept during the course of the search as to which areas have been __, by __, the nature of any item __, and where it was __. examined, whom, seized, found
True or False? A second search is permitted under the same warrant once officers have left the premises? False: is NOT
Created by: toniazzo