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Gen. Man. Proc. 503

Obtaining and Executing Arrest Warrants

True or False? When executing an arrest warrant, the officer need not have actual possession of the warrant. True
True or False? When executing an arrest warrant, the officer announces to the person being arrested the arrest is made pursuant to a warrant. True
If the officer has the arrest warrant in his possession, he __ it to the arrestee; or if the warrant is not in his possession, he informs the arrestee of the __ charged against him. exhibits, offense
True or False? Officers entering a military installation for the purpose of affecting an arrest must possess a copy of the arrest warrant and contact the military police unit assigned to the installation prior to making the arrest. True
A warrant is never altered in any manner, the officer must return to the issuing __ to change a warrant. magistrate
Officers do not execute arrest warrants outside the corporate limits of the City of San Antonio unless; they are in __ or are acting in conjunction with an __ of the __ where the warrant is to be executed. hot pursuit, officer, jurisdiction
Class C Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants: When verifying warrants if officers do not receive a response within __ to __ minutes, the __ or the __ Unit may call 207-7718 to verify the warrant. 5 to 10, officer, Communications
Class C Misdemeanor Arrest Warrants: After __ minutes, if the verification of the arrest warrant has not been confirmed, the person is __ at the place of contact, unless __ circumstances exist to __ the person longer. 30, released, extenuating, detain
Prior to executing any Class B Misdemeanor through Felony warrants: Officers will check the __ warrant database on __. arrest, SAMWEB
Prior to executing any Class B Misdemeanor through Felony warrants: Officers will utilize SAPD Form __ , for Class B Misdemeanor through Felony warrants on any crimes of __. #8-PWC Police Arrest Search Warrant Checklist, violence
Prior to executing any Class B Misdemeanor through Felony warrants: The Arrest/ Warrant checklist will assist in determining whether the warrant should be executed by the __ or if a __ unit or units should be called. officer, specialized
After executing any Class B Misdemeanor through Felony warrants: Officers will __ the __ on SAMWEB adding any pertinent information available. UPDATE, Arrest Warrant Database
When planning to execute a __ risk and/ or __ arrest warrant, a __ officer (other than the officer in charge) will be assigned by the warrant execution supervisor as the __ Officer. high, unannounced, single, Verification
The __ Officer is responsible for positively identifying the correct __ where the warrant will be executed and for __ the entry team to the correct location. Verification, location, directing
True or False? It is not necessary for the Verification Officer to accompany the entry team into the warrant location when entry is made. True
Officers arresting by warrant any person wanted for any crime resulting in death or serious bodily injury; any crime where death, serious bodily injury or retaliation in the future is threatened; domestic violence; sexual assault; and stalking, shall? route a copy of the incident report to the applicable follow-up investigative unit.
True or False? The Verification Officer will confirm the address or warrant location description named in the warrant and warrant affidavit is the same as the address or location description where the warrant will be executed. True
True or False? The Verification officer may accompany the entry team or an officer assigned to the entry team to positively identify and point out the correct location described in the arrest warrant. True
Created by: toniazzo
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