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Chapter 6

Accosted approached, , represented side by side My friend accosted me for money.
Resist strive against The officer resisted bad decisions.
Oppression hardship, Unjust the South Africa oppressed the nonwhite population.
Apartheid South Africa segregation Nelson Mandela opposed Apartheid in South Africa.
Exonerated exempt, not guilty He is exonerated paying half of his taxes.
Injustice Unfair, Inequity The protesters strike against this injustice system.
Culpability Guilt, blame The killer deals with culpability.
Prosecutorial misconduct Wrongful prosecution His verdict is prosecutorial misconduct.
Incarceration kept in prison The incarceration rate has increased dramatically in England.
Unresolved Not having been solved It was 20 years for this unresolved case.
Regulations Rules, laws This administration came with new regulations on immigration.
Controversial Dispute, Debate The last election is a controversial in US.
Heinous hateful, Odious He was guilty without any evidence to this heinous crime.
perpetrators criminals, Evil act The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be behind bars.
Accountability Liable, Answerable North Korea must be held accountable its nuclear weapons.
Correspondence Communication by exchange of letters. I will respond to this business correspondence.
Superficial Relating to the surface My superficial measurement are very complicated
Incident Happening, Event The new York incident was shocked to everyone.
Suspicious Suspect, doubtful. The police arrested the suspicious.
Scenario Summary of the plot of play He played big scenario in the movie.
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