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Gen. Man. Proc. 501

Use of Force

All use of force incidents are documented on SAPD form? #62-UOF Use of Force Report
The application of force must be conducted in a manner __and __ to achieving a level of control that cannot otherwise be obtained through the use of other alternatives. reasonable and commensurate
With the exception of an officers __ or __ communications, the use of any type of force is not justified in response to __ provocation alone. presence or verbal , verbal
The use of force by an officer can be viewed as a __ of force options in response to a subjects actions and behavior. matrix
Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint (LVNR) commonly known as a __ hold, or __ chokehold, is a general term for a grappling hold that critically reduces or prevents either air (__) or blood (__) from passing through the neck of an opponent. sleeper, cartoid, choking, strangling
Officers shall __ their use of force options when a subjects actions indicate that the initial use of force has achieved an __ level of compliance by a subject. de-escalate, acceptable
If circumstances allow, officers should attempt to de-escalate tense situations through __, __, __ persuasion, and other tactics to reduce the need for force. advisements, warnings, verbal
True or False? Any officer present and observing another officer using force that is clearly beyond which is reasonable under the circumstances shall, when in a position to do so, safely intercede to prevent the use of such excessive force. True
True or False? OC spray/ gel and/ or ECD shall NOT be brandished, displayed, or pointed at a subject in an intimidating manner unless an officer is attempting to prevent further escalation of force. True
OC spray/ gel is irritating to the __, __, and __. eyes, nose, skin
Any time OC spray/ gel is used to control or subdue an actively resisting or violent subject, the officer will ensure the subject is __ as soon as possible. decontaminated
Decontamination of OC spray/ gel consists of the application of __ to the subjects __ and __. water, eyes, face
Prisoners exposed to OC spray/ gel will be observed by an officer for __ minutes to ensure the prisoner does not require __ attention. 45, medical
The __ process and the amount of __ the prisoner was observed will be documented in the officers __ and on SAPD form #62-UOF, Use of Force Report. decontamination, time, report
The use of deadly force is authorized only to protect an officer or another person from what is __ believed to be an __ threat of death or serious bodily injury. reasonably, immediate
The use of deadly force against one who is fleeing from custody or who is fleeing immediately after committing an offense is __ unless the officer has __ cause to believe the suspect poses an __ threat of death or serious bodily injury to ofc or 3rd party prohibited, probable, imminent
A lateral vascular neck restraint (LVNR) shall not be used unless __ force is authorized. deadly
Firearms are not discharged under the following circumstances? as a warning shot, when it appears likely a non-participant may be injured, or at or from a moving vehicle except as the ultimate measure of self-defense or defense of another.
True or False? A shoulder weapon is intended to augment primary and approved handguns under circumstances where a hand held weapon is not sufficient to neutralize a perceived threat that may result in serious bodily injury or death. True
The decision to deploy a shoulder weapon will be dependent upon the __ of the subject, the __ facing the officer, and the __ of circumstances surrounding an incident. actions, threat, totality
True or False? Only one officer may deploy a shoulder weapon at a scene as dictated by the circumstances, keeping in mind the location of other officers, other persons, and other variables involved in the situation. False: MORE THAN one
True or False? When a police canine bites an individual SAPD form #62 Use of Force is completed? True
True or False? The discharging of a firearm in order to destroy a animal requires the completion of SAPD form #62 use of force? False: does NOT
During a use of force incident an officer may relocate the prisoner prior to the arrival of a supervisor due to a ___ of violence or __ circumstances. threat, exigent
During a use of force incident an officer will complete SAPD form #62 Injured Prisoners Report, for those injured prisoners who receive __ at a __. medical treatment, hospital
During a use of force incident, if a UEDI or CSI are not available to photograph a person who had force used against them, the responding __ will take the photos. supervisor
The photographs of a person who had force used against them shall include any documented __ or __ injuries, and shall take place as __ as __ after the incident. visible or alleged, soon as practical
True or False? If a supervisor from the section is not available to respond to the scene of a use of force incident, then no supervisor is sent. False: the dispatcher will send any available supervisor
If the officer(s) is unable to complete SAPD Form #62 Use of Force Report, the __ shall prepare the report based on available information. supervisor
Who shall review all Use of Force Reports to ensure department policies and procedures were followed, where shall they enter all related information on the incident (online Use of Force Database), and where is the original report placed upon completion? Unit/ Shift director, Blue Team, officers 201 file
The Use of Force Review Board will include a __ as a chairperson and __ members from the rank of __. Members are empanelled for __ months, following the same schedule as the Chiefs Advisory Action Board. Deputy Chief, 2, Captain, 6
Post Use of Force Procedures: The station/ section commander receiving a notification/ request for clarification of details or corrections shall ensure the clarifications/ corrections are completed within __ calendar days and resubmitted via __ to IA. 5, Blue Team
Created by: toniazzo
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