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Gen. Man. Proc. 406

Communications Holds, Transcripts, and Copies

Unless a hold is properly placed on a master data tape, the information contained on these tapes is retained for a period of not less than __ days and not to exceed __ days. 30, 90
An officer requiring a master data tape to be held for investigative or evidence purposes prepares SAPD form __. #119-C2 Communications Request Form
In the event of an emergency request for a hold, the System Specialist and Information Systems office honor __ requests to hold a master or data tape for __ working days. verbal, 5
SAPD form __ must be submitted to hold the master of data tape past the expiration of __ working days. #119-C2, 5
Master and data tape holds remain for a period of __ months or until the hold is released by the __ officer or his __ commander. 6, initiating, unit
True or False? When the need no longer exists for a tape to be held, the officer who initiated the hold submits SAPD form #119-C2 to cancel the request. True
__ days prior to the expiration of a hold, the System Specialist or Information Systems officer prepares written correspondence, directed to the commander of a unit having an active hold on a tape. 10
The unit commander replies in writing within __ days and may request and additional __ month hold or __ the hold. 10, 6, releases
In the event the unit commander fails to reply within 10 days after the notification the hold is automatically __. discontinued
Information relating to litigation of a __ case or __ matter is requested through the appropriate court. criminal, civil
Without the proper court documentation __ requests for a hold on a tape will be honored for only __ days. verbal, 5
APPROVAL OF PUBLIC INFORMATION REQUESTS: The Department __ determines and responds within __ days whether or not the information is to be disclosed; and prepares written correspondence addressed to the Police Media Services Detail advising the unit Legal Advisor, 10
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