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Gen. Man. Proc. 306

Officer Concern Program

There are __ methods for referring officers who are identified as having unacceptable behavioral traits to the Officer Concern Program. 3
The 3 methods of referral to the officer concern program are? Referrals by the Chief of Police, Referrals by Supervisors, and Computer-Generated Referrals
The Internal Affairs Unit maintains a computer database on all complaints made against officers. Referrals to the Officer Concern Program may be computer-generated by the number and type of complaints during any continuous __ month period. 18 months
How many sustained formal complaints involving: physical mistreatment of prisoners; force; fam viol; alc. or drug abuse; viol resulting in the complainant being seriously inj.; racial/ biased profiling; insubordination; significant behavioral infraction? 1 sustained formal complaint
How many complaints involving: formal complaints; administrative reviews; deactivated cases, based solely on complaint waiver? 3 complaints in any combination
How many complaints involving criminal activity supported by credible evidence or which results in an arrest, or formal charges by indictment, information, complaint, or other charging instrument? 1 criminal activity complaint
How many complaints of any combination of formal or line complaints which are addressed through the chain of command are considered line complaints for the purpose of this procedure? 4 complaints
How many chargeable vehicle crashes within a __ month period. 3, 18 month period
How many combinations of driving-related complaints and/ or chargeable vehicle crashes within a __ month period. 4, 18 month period
The Officer Concern Program Board is comprised of __ voting members appointed by the __? 7, Chief of Police
A Division Commander (who serves as the chair person); Captain; Lieutenant; Sergeant; Detective-Investigator; and 2 Police Officers make up the __ board. Officer Concern Program
Officer Concern Program Board: members must have a minimum of __ years seniority with the department and must not have incurred a suspension during the previous __ months. 5 years and 12 months
Officer Concern Program Board: members serve __ month terms. 6
Officer Concern Program Board: __ board members must be present to conduct a hearing. 5
True or False? A non-voting Staff Psychologist will be appointed to the board. True
True or False? A non-voting specialist may also be appointed to the board by the board chairperson. True
The Preliminary Review Panel is comprised of __ officers of any rank from the existing board. 3
Preliminary Review Panel: __ members are appointed by the Chief of Police. 2
Preliminary Review Panel: __ member is appointed by the San Antonio Police Officers Association. 1
Preliminary Review Panel members serve the same __ month terms as the existing board members. 6
All __ Preliminary Review Panel members must be present to conduct a preliminary review of an officer case study. 3
True or False? The subject officer does appear before the Preliminary Review Panel? False: does NOT
True or False? In cases not forwarded to the board, an officer will again become a candidate for the program if an additional complaint is received within 18 months of the original complaint which caused the referral. True
Who notifies the officer, in writing he/ she is a candidate for the Officer Concern Program? The Officer Concern Program Coordinator
Who notifies the officer as to the date and time his/ her presence is required at a board hearing? The Officer Concern Program Chairperson
True or False? The officers presence at the board hearing is recommended? False: MANDATORY
The board members discuss the case and, by __, make recommendations whether or not to enter the officer into the Officer Concern Program. Written Secret Ballot
If the majority vote is to enter the officer into the Officer Concern Program, the board develops a __ to be recommended to the Chief of Police for his review and consideration. Plan of Action
If the Chief of Police approves or modifies the Plan of Action a __ is issued to the officer. Written Order
If the Chief of Police rejects the boards recommendation of Plan of Action, the officers status changes to __? Potential Candidate
Created by: toniazzo
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