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Gen. Man. Proc. 200

Rules and Regulations

True or False? Supervisory officers shall have at their residence the current employee locator list, properly corrected to date. True
Who reviews departmental orders issued by the Chief of Police? Fire and Police Civil Service Commission and the City Manager
Members may be required to seek medical or psychological services upon the order of? the Chief of Police
True or False? Members of the department shall not criticize or ridicule the department, its policies, administrators, or public officials through speech, writings, or other forms of expression? True
Departmental personnel returning to duty after any absence shall read all directives published during their absence, prior to? returning to duty
True or False? Members shall read their departmental email at the beginning of their tour of duty and are required to check their departmental email at the end of their tour of duty? False: are strongly encouraged, not required
All members shall report to their immediate supervisor and to __ , on any change of address and/ or telephone number within (__)working days. Administrative Services, 2
The Chief of the San Antonio Police Department shall have the power to take disciplinary action or suspend indefinitely an officer under his supervision for violation of either? Chapter 143 of the Local Government Code, the civil Service Rules of the City of San Antonio, or of these rules and regulations.
The rules and regulations of the San Antonio Police Department, which are incorporated in the General Manual, apply to? all employees, both sworn and non-sworn, and have the effect of an order.
Members, after having been out on sick or injured leave, must complete __ before engaging in any outside employment or working city overtime. one regular tour of duty
On-duty officers, not in uniform, may make traffic stops only when their assignment requires such traffic stops and when such traffic stops are approved by their __ in writing. division commander
In which circumstances may a officer discharge their firearms? At target practice, To destroy an animal in conformance with departmental procedures, In defense of one's life or the life of another, To hunt wild game, while properly licensed and in conformance with state law.
Any officer discharging a weapon accidentally or intentionally, except on the target range or while lawfully hunting wild game, shall __? shall immediately report the incident, in writing, to their immediate supervisor.
Any member arrested charged or indicted for a state criminal offense in any state, which is a class C misdemeanor or above must __? provide the office of the Chief of Police with written notification.
What must the member provide in the written notification to the office of the Chief of Police, when arrested or charged with a class C misdemeanor or above? must provide the name of the arresting agency, a description of the nature of the charges, and the style, court and cause number of the charge or indictment, if any
True or False? An officer, while off-duty outside the city, has only the rights, authority, and privileges of a private citizen? True
The Rules and Regulations adopted and set forth in this manual are for ________, _________, and _______ if the conduct of all members of the police Department of the city of San Antonio. These rules are designed to promote ( __, __, and __ ____ ____)by setting forth policies governing the conduct and demeanor of every member of the police department, both on-and off-duty. Guidance regulation control efficiency, discipline, good public relations
The Chief of Police shall have the exclusive right to establish, rescind, or modify departmental rules and regulations while such contract is in effect, subject to review by the __? City Manager
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