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Swahili Verbs 7

Lots of Swahili verbs (declinated + Infinitive forms) - 7

English translationSwahili translation
to shake kutikisa
to shave kunyoa
to show kuonyesha
to sing kuimba
to sink kuzama
to sit down kukaa kitako
to sleep kulala
to smell nasty kunuka
to smell nice kunukia
to smell (active) kunuza
to be sorry kusikitika
to speak kunena
to spill kumwaga
to split (active) kupasua
to split (neutral) kupasuka
to spread (neutral) kuenea
to stand kusimama
to stay kukuaa
to steal kuiba
to strike; to beat kupiga
to suffice kutosha
to surround kuzunguka
to sweep kufagia
to swell kuvimba
to take kutwaa
to take away kuchukua
to take care kuangalia
to take off (clothes) kuvua
to teach kufundisha
to taste kuonja
to tear (cloth; etc.) kutatua
to tear in pieces kurarua
to tell kuambia
to think; to consider kufikiri
to think; to suppose kudhani
to throw away kutupa
to tie kufunga
to become tired kuchoka
to touch kugusa
to travel kusafiri
to try kujaribu
to turn (active) kugeuza
to turn (neutral) kugeuka
to uncover kufunua
to unfasten; to open kfungua
to wait kungoja
to walk about kutembea
to want kutaka
to wash kuosha
to wash clothes kufua
to wipe kufuta
to withhold from kunyima
to wash hands kunawa
to wonder kustaajabu
to worship kuabudu
to write kuandika
Created by: MiFu
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