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Swahili Verbs 6

Lots of Swahili verbs (declinated + Infinitive forms) - 6

English translationSwahili translation
to overturn kupindua
to owe kuwiwa
to pain (neutral) kuuma
to pass kupita
to pay kulipa
to pick up kuokota
to play kucheza
to please kupeneza
to pour kumimina
to pound corn kutwanga
to praise kusifu
to pray kuomba
to prosper kufanikiwa
to pull; to draw kuvuta
to pull up kung'oa
to push kusukuma
to put kutia
to put on (clothes) kuvaa
to put our kutoa
to put out a light kuzima
to quarrel kugombana
to raise kupandisha
to reach kufika
to read kusoma
to receive kupokea
to refuse kukataa
to regret kujuta
to rejoice kufurahi
to remain over kubaki
to remain (in a place) kukaa
to remind kukumbusha
to rest kupumzika
to return; to go back kurudi
to return; to give back kurudisha
to roast kuoka
to rot kuoza
to be round kuviringa
to rub kusugua
to run kupiga mbio
to run away; to flee kukimbia
to save kuokoa
to scatter kutawanya
to scorn kudharau
to scratch kukuna
to see kuona
to search for kutafuta
to see one another kuonana
to send kupeleka
to sell kuuza
to sew kushona
Created by: MiFu
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