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Swahili Verbs 5

Lots of Swahili verbs (declinated + Infinitive forms) - 5

English translationSwahili translation
to forgive kusamehe
to get kupata
to get drunk kulewa
to get out kutoka
to ripen kuiva
to get up kuondoka
to get well kupona
to go kuenda
to go before kutangulia
to go; to come down kushuka
to greet kuamkia
to grind kusaga
to guard kulinda
to harm kudhuru
to hate kuchukia
to help kusaidia
to hear kusikia
to hide kuficha
to hinder kuzuia
to hold kushika
to hurt (active) kuumiza
to join kuunga
to judge kuhukumu
to jump; to fly kuruka
to kick kupiga teke
to kill kuua
to kill for food kuchinja
to know kujua
to be late kuchelewa
to laugh kucheka
to learn kujifunza
to leave kuacha
to take leave of kuaga
to life up kuinua
to light (fire; lamp; etc.) kuwasha
to listen kusikiliza
to look kutazama
to loosen kulegeza
to lose (active) kupoteza
to be lost (neutral kupotea
to lower kushusha
to make; to do kufanya
to marry a wife kuoa
to be married kuolewa
to measure kupima
to meet with kukuta
to melt (neutral) kuyeyuka
to miss kukosa
to mix kuchanganya
to order kuagiza
Created by: MiFu
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