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Swahili Verbs 4

Lots of Swahili verbs (declinated + Infinitive forms) - 4

English translationSwahili translation
to be changed kubadilisha
to cheat kudanganya
to chew kutafuna
to choose kuchagua
to clap thehands kupiga makofi
to clean kusafisha
to climb up kupanda
to collect kukusanya
to command kamuru
to come near to kukaribia
to conqueor kushinda
to cook kupika
to cough kukohao
to cover kufunika
to cross over kuvuka
to crush kuponda
to cry kulia
to cultivate kulima
to cure kuponya
to cut; to cut down kukata
to decrease kupungua
to delay kukawia
to deny kukana
to destroy kuharibu
to dig kuchimba
to divide kugawanya
to do; to act kutenda
to drag kukokota
to draw a line kupiga mstari
to draw up water kuteka maji
to dream kuota
to drive away kufukuza
to get dry kukauka
to put out to dry kuanika
to enter kuingia
to escape kuokoka
to explain kueleza
to fail kupunguka
to fall kuanguka
to fear kuogopa
to feed kulisha
to fight kupigana
to finish kumaliza
to be finished kuisha
to fix kukaza
to flourish kusitawi
to fold kukunja
to follow kufuata
to forbid kugombeza
to forget kusahau
Created by: MiFu
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