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Swahili Verbs 3

Lots of Swahili verbs (declinated + Infinitive forms) - 3

English translationSwahili translation
we understand that tunaelewa hivyo
they want that wanataka hiyo
I can wear it naweza kuivaa
she writes that anaandika hivyo
we talk about it tunajadili kuhusu
they have it wanayo
I watched it niliitazama
I will talk about it nitaongea kuhusu
he bought that yesterday alinunua hiyo jana
we finished it tuliimaliza
we spoke tuliongea
we wrote tuliandika
we drove tuliendesha
we loved tulipenda
we gave tulipeana
we smiled tulitabasamu
we took tulichukua
to succeed kufaolu
to sit kuketi
to fit kufaa
to be able kuweza
to accept kukubali
to accuse kushtaki
to agree kupatana
to alter kubadili
to annoy kusumbua
to answer kujibu
to appear kutokea
to ask a question kuuliza
to awaken kuamaka
to bathe kuoga
to bear fruit or childen kuzaa
to begin kuanza
to believe kusadiki
to blow kuvuma
to boast kujisifu
to boil (neutral) kuchemka
to boil (active) kuchemsha
to be born kuzaliwa
to strike kupiga kofi
to break kuvunja
to bring kuleta
to build kujenga
to burn (neutral) kuwaka
to burn (active) kuchoma
to bury kuzika
to buy kununua
to call kuita
to care for kutunza
to catch hold of kukamata
Created by: MiFu
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