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Swahili Verbs 2

Lots of Swahili verbs (declinated + Infinitive forms) - 2

English translationSwahili translation
she feels that too anahisi hivyo pia
we fled from there sisi tulitoroka toka huko
they will fly tomorrow wataondoka kwa ndege kesho
I can follow you naweza kukufuata
she forgot me alinisahau
we forgive him tumemsamehe
I can give her that naweza kumpa hiyo
she goes there yeye huenda huko
we greeted them tulimsalimu
I hate that nadharau hiyo
I can hear it Naweza kusikia
she imagine that yeye hufikiri hivyo
we invited them tuliwakaribisha
I know him Mimi namjua
she learned it alijifunza
we leave now twaondoka sasa
they lied about him walimsingizia
I can listen to that naweza kusikiliza
she lost that alipoteza
we made it yesterday tulifaulu jana
they met him walikutana naye
I misspell that siandiki vyema
I always pray mimi husali
she prefers that anapendelea hiyo
we protected them tuliwatunza
they will punish her watamuadhibu
I can put it there naweza kuiweka pale
she will read it ataisoma
we received that tulipokea hiyo
they refuse to talk wanakataa kuongea
I remember that nakumbuka hayo
she repeats that anarudia hiyo
we see it tunaona
they sell it tunaiuza
I sent that yesterday nilituma hiyo jana
he shaved his beard alimnyoa ndevu
it shrunk quickly ilipungua haraka
we will sing it tutuimamba
they sat there walikaa hapo
I can speak it nawaza kuisema
she spends money anatumia pesa
we suffered from that tuliteseka
they suggest that sisi tunadokeza kuwa
I surprised him nilimshangaza
she took that alichukua hiyo
we teach it tunaifunza
they told us Walituambia
she thanked him alimshukuru
I can think about it nitafikiria kuhusu
she threw it aliitupa
Created by: MiFu
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