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Swahili Verbs 1

Lots of Swahili verbs (declinated + Infinitive forms) - 1

English translationSwahili translation
I can accept that Naweza kukubali kwamba
she added it aliongeza kuwa
we admit it tunakubali
they advised him walimshauri
I can agree with that nakubaliana na hayo
she allows it anaruhusu
we announce it tunatangaza
I can apologize naomba msamaha
she appears today anaonekana leo
they arranged that walipanga hivyo
I can arrive tomorrow nitawasili kesho
she can ask him anaweza kumuuliza
she attaches that yeye huunganisha hiyo
we attack them sisi huwashambulia
they avoid her wamamuepuka
I can bake it naweza kuipikia
she is like him yeye ni kama yeye
we beat it tuliipiga
they became happy walifurahi
I can begin that nawesza kuanza
we borrowed money tulikopa pesa
they breathe air wanapumua hewa
I can bring it nitaileta
I can build that naweza kuijenga
she buys food yeye hununua chakula
we calculate it sisi hufanya hesabu hii
they carry it wao huibeba
they don't cheat hawadangayi
she chooses him yeye humchagua
we close it sisi huifunga
he comes here yeye huja hapa
I can compare that naweza kuilinganisha
she competes with me yeye hushindana nami
we complain about it sisi hulalamika juu yake
they continued reading waliendelea kusoma
he cried about that alilia juu yake
I can decide now naweza kuamua sasa
she described it to me alinielezea kuhusu
we disagree about it sisi hatukubaliani
they disappeared quickly walitoweka haraka
I discovered that niligundua kwamba
she dislikes that yeye hapendi
we do it sisi hufanya
they dream about it wao huota juu yake
I earned nimelipwa
he eats a lot yeye anakula sana
we enjoyed that sisi tulifurahia
they entered here waliingia hapa
he escaped that aliepuka hiyo
I can explain that siwezi kueleza hayo
Created by: MiFu
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