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4.2 P1CAD User Helps

Controlling your Session

True or False: A user must always have a working agency. True (Note: The working agency can always be changed using the SW command.)
State the command used to clear work area 5 and 6. CWA.5,6 + F10
The DS command allows you to refresh ______, __________, and ________. Status monitors (DS +F10) / Area (DS.Area + F10) / Coverage group (DS..CG + F10)
Name the command: You can modify your signed on areas without having to sign off and then sign back on with the new area information CC (Console Controle)
Name the command: You can change the agency to which you originally signed on (your working agency) SW (Switch Working default)
Describe the command, WT,. Name a scenario when you'd want to apply it. (Workload transfer) You can change the incidents for which you are responsible on the command line using WT. Used when a dispatcher wants to "focus on a single high priority incident, hostage situation, active shooting, plane crash, etc."
Retrieve a list of currently signed on dispatchers from the command line. WH..Dispatcher + F10
Retrieve a list of signed on personnel for beat 007 in agency PD. WH.B:PD/007 + F10
True or False: WH.UD;1A12 displays assignment information for unit 1A12. FALSE - WH.U;1A12 (UD; displays USER information)
The following are the minimum pieces of information needed to initiate an incident using P1 CAD: __________ and ___________. Incident location and Incident type
True or False: P1 CAD records both the Create time and the Start time for every incident. TRUE! Create time = time the call is submitted for dispatch. Start time = the time you start processing the caller's information in the the blank II form.
True or False: You can enter text in ( ) in the Location field. TRUE! "You enter 1530 South Highland (around corner). CAD verifies 1530 South Highland, and after verification it displays the address and parenthetical text in the Location field."
What is defined by your organization's GIS system administrator and are generally names of schools, landmarks, businesses, hospitals, etc. Common Place Names
When creating an incident via an alarm number, what information automatically generates in the form (if your system admin has configured it to do so) The Incident Initiation form appears, with the corresponding incident information of the alarm (Location, Incident Response Factor, Priority, and Jurisdiction).
When verifying the address of an incident, if two or more potential matches exist for a location, all potential addresses display where? Work Assist Area
What is the unique ID assigned to an incident when created in P1 CAD? Incident number
Initial, Pending, and Held are all statuses that can be viewed in which monitor? Pending Queue
What is the only status that can't be viewed in a status monitor? Closed
_________ is the indication that multiple beats exist for the intersection your creating a call at. The address verify button changes to a ________ color. Multi , Yellow
True or False, After a location is verified, PR1 CAD checks to see if there are any potential duplicate incidents in the vicinity of the location. TRUE (You'll see these pop up in your WAA with a green overlay)
If your call is a duplicate and you want to add the information from the current Incident Initiation form to the dup, select the incident from the list and then select ___________ at the bottom of the Potential Duplicates form. Append To
Name that shortcut: Shift +F5 Jump to the Prem/Haz tab int he WAA while upon incident creation.
To read additional information about a Prem/Haz record select __________ at the bottom of the tab. View Rec
True or False: If the Prem/Haz record is an alarm, the Alarm Record displays in the Primary Work Area. TRUE
Where are the results of searches for persons and vehicles displayed? Query Work tab in the WAA
True or False: Queries can be sorted by Priority, Summary, or Date, select the column header. TRUE
How can you attach one of the query replies to the incident or unit history? Select ATTACH and then select IMPORT TO HISTORY then select either TO INCIDENT or TO UNIT and ATTACH
Where would any floor plans, videos, audio files, or other documents for an incident be housed? WAA- ATTACHMENTS tab (Here you can Add, Delte, Rename and Open these.)
What determines the equipment and personnel that respond to an incident? Incident Response Factor (set by your system admin)
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