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4.2 P1CAD User Helps

Getting to know your Command Line and Commands

Bring up ProQA Medical with these combined key strokes- Ctrl+Alt+M
Ctrl + Alt + P Retrieves ProQA case information and places it in appropriate CAD fields.
Wildcard search with - %
In the command line, II = F8 / Initiate Incident
True or False: Only 2 elements are needed to initiate a command, Command IDs and Identifiers. FALSE! (Also needed is a User Supply Value.)
Name either of the User Supplied Values in the following string: II.123 Main St.Theft 123 Main St or Theft (User-supplied values are the actual values you use with identifiers.)
To separate multiple entries for one command identifier, which punctuation would you use? The comma (,) Example, US.1A12,1A13,1A14.EN.UL;123Main
What punctuation can be used to append or associate an agency ID to a user-supplied value? The forward slash ( / ) Example, US.PD/.EN (This shows all units in agency PD should be changed to Enroute.)
True or False: If you want to skip any identifiers of the default command string, use extra periods to represent the missing information. True!
What punctuation can be used to temporarily disable command line hints while entering a command? Type a left bracket ( [ ) as the first character after the semicolon (;)This action disables the dynamic help and allows you to proceed out of order by entering any parameter identifier without having to delete the previous identifier.)
Name that command: Excahnges the assignments of two units. UX
Name that command: view a list of Query responses. VQ
Name that command: UO Unit overdue, resets the unit status timers.
Name that command: Allows you to tone, page, and send tear and run messages. TN
Name that command: Resets the timeout value for a specified incident. RI
Name that command: RE Reset Unit Emergency Indicator, Clears the emergency indicators of units activated through unit radios or MDC to normal after the emergency is acknowledged.
Name that command: Shows the list of premise hazard records and allows a user to add new premise hazard records. PH
Name that command: MU Move up/Down (Station Cover and Uncover) Temporarily moves a unit from one station and area into another as an attempt to balance resources within the agency jurisdiction. Also removes units from the Temporary Cover status.
Name that command: Displays detailed street information for a verifiable location or determines whether an address is valid. LD
Created by: M$ICADAS
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