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4.2 P1CAD User Helps

Commands and Identifiers

WT Workload transfer / Modify your coverage responsibilities including incidents and areas. (EX: WT.FC;TC;I)
VQ Query Response (View)/ Display the list of query responses. (EX: VQ)
UF Off Duty/ Take one or more units off duty. (EX: UF.U;OM)
TN Alerting/ Send tones to one or more stations or units; execute one or more toning actions. (EX: TN.P;U;I)
SM Send Message/ Send normal mail messages to the Inbox of specified recipients.
RP Report Number/ Add, delete, or cancel the report numbers attached to incidents or units. (EX: RP.I;U;AC;N;RN;AG)
RE Reset Unit Emergency Indicator/ Clear the emergency indicators of units activated through unit radios or MDC to normal after the emergency is acknowledged. (EX:RE.U)
RC Roll Call/ Activate and deactivate roll calls, placing pre-defined groups of officers, fire fighters, and paramedics on and off duty. (EX: RC.RC;DS;ACT;US;AC)
MU Move Up/Down (Station Cover/uncover) / Temporarily move a unit from one station/area into another to balance resources within the agency’s jurisdiction and to remove units from Temporary Cover status (EX:MU.U;ST;A;TN)
MR Message Read/ Open the contents of either the Inbox or a specified mailbox. (EX:MR.MF)
MC Map Command/ Open a map window. (EX: MC.I;U;L)
AO Associate to original
CC caller contact {yes| no| MAY}
CPN location (common place) name
DTF details to follow {yes| NO}
DV device id
FM display form {yes| NO}
I incident id or active unit id
LP update person location by user ID
PA pan {N|S|E|W|SE|NE|SW|NW}
PS plate state
RQ contract request number
SC call source code
SOF show off duty {yes| NO}
T incident type
TC / FC to console id / from console id
TG talk group ID
TO new timeout value
UC show only clear units {_yes|_NO}
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