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Gen. Man. Proc. 403


A __ call is a request for police services which does not present an actual and immediate potential for serious injury, damage or loss of property. Requires only a routine police response. Code-One
A __ emergency call means a request for police service where the immediate rapid response or arrival of police units will reduce the probability of serious injury, damage, or loss of property. Code-Two
A __ emergency call means a request for police service that presents a threat or immediate danger of death or serious bodily injury to any individual. Code-Three
Overdose in Progress, Threats Bomb with Device, Threats Bomb in Progress, Shotspotter Alert; require which type of response? Code-Two
Child Locked in Vehicle, High Water Rescue, Drowning; require what type of response? Code-Three
True of False? Dispatchers are not restricted to district or section boundaries, or even rank (under exceptional circumstances) when assigning calls. True
Cross street information is given only for __ or __ emergency calls. Code-Two or Code-Three
The communications unit operates an information channel on a __ hr basis to service the needs of all units. 24
The disp time-stamps and completes SAPD Form #116 Failure to Respond Form, and notifies the Comm. Sup, the Field Sup submits a written rpt under the org case # with a copy routed to the Unit Commder, another offc is disp to the call and given rpt respon. When a officer fails to respond after 2 successive calls from the dispatcher
True or False? Officers are to return to service upon completion of a call (this does not include the period needed to write a report). True
The use of radio ten codes is limited to only __ codes 12
10-12 Wanted Person/ Active Stolen
10-13 Sex Offense/ Medical Concerns
10-14 Mentally Ill Person
10-15 Officer or Firefighter in Trouble
10-16 Patient Expired
10-40A Subject Wanted on Felony Warrant
10-40B Subject Wanted on Class A or B Misdemeanor Warrant
10-40C Subject Wanted on Class C Misdemeanor Warrant
Federal Communications Commission regulations prohibit any form of _____, _______, or ________ radio communications. Superfluous indecent unauthorized
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