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4.2 P1CAD User Helps

Navigating the Client and Shortcuts

To determine the version of P1 CAD you're using: From the menu bar, select Help, and then select About PremierOne CAD. An information box appears showing the version information.
List 4 of the 7 fields you can complete on the P1 CAD Client log in screen. Environment, Agency, User ID, Password, Role, Coverage Group, and Coverage Area
True or False? Information saved in the Training environment is saved only to the training database? True. It will not affect your production environment.
Name 3 ways to log out of P1. SF + F10 / Shift + F4 / Console > Session > Log Out / Note: The Red X should always be your last resort.
Since you can't log out and leave area's uncovered, you must - Transfer Session (Console > Session > Transfer Session)
If going on a break, tell me how you'd lock your session so no one can access your workstation. Console > Session > Lock Session
Name the area to the right of the command line that displays success and error messages related to your commands and form submissions. Status Message Area
Name the area on the left side of the window below the time and date, this area displays tabs for each of the work areas. Work area tabs, AKA Panhandles
Where is the PWA? The area in the middle of the window. The Primary Work Area is where you do most of your task-related operations, such as initiating incidents and dispatching units.
Name the area in the P1 CAD Client that shows you the following information: Previous, Associated, Query, Prem/Haz, Attachments. Work Assist Area (WAA)
Counters for BOLOs, unread Messages, unread Notifications, unread Query response, and Watchlist info is shown where? Information panel (The area on the lower left of the window)
How do you use Hot Keys in P1? Alt + and __ letter will you jump you to that field. Example, to get to Console, press Alt + O or Utilities, Alt + U, etc.
Sync Now, it's only accessible one way, tell me how to find it? And, tell me what it does. Console > Sync Now / Synchronizes the CAD client with the Provisioning server.
All 6 of your work areas (panhandles) are being used, tell me the command you'd use to clear work area 3. In the command line, CWA.3 + F10
How can a CTO turn dynamic help off their trainee has no hints in the command line? Utilities > Command Line > Dynamic Help (Off/On)
How can a CTO turn the error notification on the command line on or off for training purposes? Utilities > Command Line > Syntax Error Notification (Off/On)
Online help is accessible two ways, list them. Shift + F1 from any line in the P1 CAD Client, or Help > Online help > Search the topic being inguired.
True or False: An error report automatically uploads upon creation of the error report. False. Upload Error Report – Manually uploads the error report to the server; error reports are configured to upload to the server at a configured interval.
True or False: THE PWA includes access to all of the following: General information entry, Person data entry, Vehicle data entry, and Scheduling future calls. True
To navigate the tabs at the top of the PWA, use ____ + the left/right arrows. Alt
Possible duplicate incidents are shown to the call taker where? An overlay in the WAA.
True or False: You can identify an overlay by it's lavender color, to exit an overlay press ESC. True
What's the quickest way to see your network status and session information? Read the right side of the Information Panel.
F2 Displays query responses.
Name the function key used to access Incident History when the Incident Update form is displayed and active. F4
F6 Message Read shortcut, it opens the Messaging window when submitted from a blank command line.
Displays the Persons tab in the Primary Work Area when issued from a blank command line and when the Primary Work Area contains an Incident Management screen. Shift + F7
Traffic Stop shortcut used in conjunction with the command: U.L F7
When working in a form, always submit via.. F12
When working in a command line, always submit via... F10 or Enter
Navigate the tabs in the WAA, mouse free via... Ctrl + Left/Right arrows
Ctrl + Enter does what in the WAA? Opens or closes an entry for viewing. Example, Person Info or Contractor Info.
Displays the Dispatch Function Key Help dialog box. Ctrl + K
Ctrl + P Opens the Print menu in the WAA.
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