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Patrol Quiz

Which is not an objective of patrol Using unmarked vehicles
Which are elements of shift orientation All the above
Not a beat characteristic you should know early Crime hazards
Reason you should have knowledge of your assigned area Increased probability of onsite arrest
To increase probability of arrest, be familiar with. . . All the above
Which is considered cover? Dirt embankment
Placing one self in a position to allow suspect to see you Silhouetting
3 Major hazards Telltale noises Silhouetting Suspect's Hands
Telltale noises are generated by. . . All the above
Silhouetting provides suspect with # of officers Firepower Approach
When using flashlight to avoid Silhouetting you should. . . Have it well in front or away from body
Which is NOT a safe technique in dangerous situations standing in doorways
Which lane is best for observation Lane closest to center
Which lane at decreased speeds allows better view of windows Lane nearest curb
Skilled observer can. . . Take in everything around and sort relevant and irrelevant info
When 1 officer is with 2 subjects Avoid being surrounded
When 2 officers with 2+ subjects Assume position with maximum visibility
Negative consequence of ineffective public service is. . . increase in citizen complaints
Crime Prevention is. . . Proactive anticipation Recognition Appraisal
Responsible for livestock in roadway Sheriff
Police Mission is. . . Social Order
Of the patrol objectives, which incorporates all elements? Preserve peace through presence and proper action
Easiest to make ready for patrol duty Physical equipment
Most difficult to prepare for patrol staying healthy
Police hazards are Property Persons Situations
Response time is decided by Size of area Familiarity Etc
Most effective method of patrol 1 person patrol
Most important human sense is Sight
If you become sleepy, you. . . Notify supervisor
What is done before you arrest a suspect Positively identify
Primary objective of patrol Reduce crime hazards
Which is not Cover Shrubs
Motorcycle patrol can be used to Escort dignitaries
How do you do a circular pattern? From inside out, or From outside in
Most effective patrol patter Random
The heart of law enforcement agency is patrol division
Best describes purpose of patrol Eliminate opportunity Eliminate confidence in success of criminal behavior
2 words that sum up basic patrol duty Protection Service
Which method of patrol is used in a targeted problem area Preventative Apprehension
Most important when approaching suspect's location Controlling noises
Greatest advantage of foot patrol Surveillance of small areas
Who makes decision to use preventative or apprehension techniques Officer on patrol
Proper patrol speed 20mph
Most important when stopping pedestrian suspect Observe their hands
Greatest disadvantage of foot patrol Mobility is restricted Communication may be inadequate
Disadvantage of automobile patrol Criminals more likely to read patterns
Single most important factor in safety is Mental preparation
Apprehension patrol is. . . Aimed at taking criminals into custody
To avoid silhouetting at a night traffic stop. . . Turn out lights when approaching
When stopping a pedestrian you should select location to limit escape routes
When dealing with a suspected bomb Isolate object Effect a reasonable evacuation
Cynicism is an attitude that reflects. . . Negative view of life
In general, the public's attitude of law enforcement is favorable
Negative impressions of law enforcement agencies and personnel are created by Officer apathy
Field inquiry is used. . . All the above
During suspect encounter, officer should watch suspect's hands
First objective when handling crime in progress Arrive safely
One minute = One mile
Soundest of all criminological theories is Prevention
Basic crowd control formation is Wedge formation
Created by: DSO Academy
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