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Crisis Intervention Training

#1 Priority in Crisis Training Officer Safety
Critical Incidents are _______ and ________ Sudden and Unexpected
2 Types of Mental illness Serious Persistent Situational
3 Types of Personality Disorders Paranoid Antisocial Borderline
Psychosis Group of serious debilitating mental disorders
Mental Retardation occurs before age ____ 18
Levels of Retardation Moderate = 40-54 Severe = 25-39 ***know this one*** Profound = < 25
Developmental Disorders (retardation) are diagnosed after age ___ 5
An APOW must contain all subjects information except address
Mental Disorder =
MHMR act gives peace officers Authority to apprehend
Schizphrenia = Psychotic disorder characterized by changes in perception.
Bipolar disorder will NOT show signs of CONSISTENT depression It will NOT be consistent
Psychopathic behavior Advanced form of antisocial behavior
What is NOT a characteristic of mental health disorder Disrespect to officer
You should never try to ____________ someone with mental health disorder Deceive
Mentally retarded people differ in ____ Varying degrees
Resentment towards officer is NOT a _____ Clue to retardation
Can display symptoms of mental illness Elderly, Drunk, Diabetic
_________, is NOT classified as an organic disorder Physiological
2 General categories of Mental Disorders Organic Functional
Major symptom of mental disorder Major loss of reality
Most common organic mental disorder in older people Alzheimer's
Dissassociative ID disorder = Multiple Personalities 2+ distinct and sustained personalities
Mental Impairment = state of arrested, or incomplete development of the mind
Sociopathic = Antisocial, often criminal Lacks a sense of moral responsibility
Mental Retardation = Range of substantial limitations in mental functioning, manifested before age 18
Percentage of population that is Retarded = 3%
Insanity = Diminished Capacity Inability to tell right from wrong CRIMINAL DEFENSE TO PROSECUTION
A sharp dividing line Does not exist
Psychotic Personality can become destructive during violent episodes
Always use person's ______ when handling people with mental illness Name
Size and Age NOT CONSIDERED when determining retardation
Sociopath = Personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.
Autism = Present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.
Mental Illness substantially impacts person's thought, perception of reality, emotional process, judgement. Grossly impairs behavior.
In L.E.A.P.S., the L stands for Listen
Suicidal people are NOT _____ Crazy
Peace officer are not _____ when acting in good faith Civilly or criminally liable
Language is NOT 1 of 5 strategies
Barriers to active listening do NOT include Empathy
Created by: DSO Academy
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