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Defensive Tactics

Defensive Tactics quiz

What is the purpose of this program High Retention, Simplicity, Documentation
What are the 2 most important things to remember about balance? Strong leg back, Always face subject
Application and control and restraint technique is to prevent further escalation of use of force? True
To calm a person down you should try and reason with them and give them advice? False
When de-escalating anger, you should always use the word "I" and not "you"? True
You should get close to a person when he or she is angry False
List the 4 types of Anger Indignation Rage Fury Wrath
Example of Indignation Aroused by something UNJUST/UNWORTHY, or plain mean
Example of Rage Violent and uncontrollable. Violence of emotion. Non Cognitive
Example of Fury Most destructive, intense/disordered anger. Bordering on madness. Cognitive. Planned in advance
Example of Wrath May imply rage/indignation. No desire to punish
What 2 ways to people get rid of anger? Displacement and Suppression
List 2 causes of anger 1. Survival Instincts. 2. Loss of Integrity. 3. Self Threatened. 4. Loss of self control.
What are 3 key report observations an officer must use for each step? Engagement by parties present. Behavior of the subject. Action by officers
Control should always be maintained with your strong hand? True
Handcuffs should be applied with which hand? Weak
Handcuffs should always be double locked and why True, to prevent tightening and injury
You should handcuff as quickly as possible True
What is the final option Handcuffing
What is the fastest option Shoulder Lock
List 3 Options Shoulder lock, Inverted Gooseneck Comealong, Handcuffing
With the blindside takedown you place your palms over the subjects eyes prior to takedown? True
With the Neck Control takedown you should place your strong hand on the jaw prior to takedown? True
With the inverted gooseneck comealong, the subjects arm should be vertical for superior control? True
Why is the reverse wristlock powerful? Directs subjects power outside the body
Why is the straight wristlock important? Required before you can move on to the options
What are the 3 elements of control and restraint technique 1. Technique. 2. Timing. 3. Speed.
What are 3 types of joints Hinge, Ball and Socket, Condyloid
Common denominator of violence Anger
X Block system Strong hand closest to body. Wrist area is best.
Officer should never be afraid to ____________ Retreat
Disabling zones 1. Sight (best option). 2. Breath. 3. Stance.
Created by: DSO Academy
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