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Do you place a locate on another agencies property that is recovered? YES
When do you place a locate for another agency? After you receive confirmation from that agency
Who can you release a criminal history to? Any law enforcement official for official purposes Officer/Detective/Court
what is the primary reason for a second dispatcher to verify ncic entry form To verify and correct any errors, verify all information is completes and correct
When a stolen vehicle is recovered , do you clear the vehicle or cancel it as stolen CLEAR
What is our ORI NJ0010800
Is a serial number on a gun unique like a vin number is on a vehicle is unique to that vehicle NO, gun serial numbers and record hits from the gun file should be carefully reviewed.
What do you do with the criminal history once it is printed Log it in the criminal history dissemination log and advise officer to shred it once they are done with it.
What is NCIC National Crime information Center, it is used for all 50 states , Canada, U.S. Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa,Mariana Islands. The FBI maintains these files.
True or False, when entering a missing juvenile you can modify the record? TRUE
When you receive a hit request how long does the agency have to reply ? 10 MINUTES
A missing person initial entry must be completed within how many hours of receiving the minimum mandatory data for entry? 2 HOURS although AG Guidelines state immediately
Can you enter a stolen vehicle without a vin#? Yes, records can be entered using a license plate number, a vehicle identification number (VIN) or an OAN.
How long will a stolen or lost gun remain on file ? indefinitely until action is taken by the originating agency to clear or cancel the record.
Is a BB gun considered a gun? Where would you query a BB gun? No, it is entered in the Article File.
When entering a stolen boat, what do you need to enter as stolen? a registration number, permanently attached hull number and/or owner applied number.
When entering a stolen vehicle trailer what is the make for a homemade trailer? HMDE
If you get a hit on NCIC on a subject who is wanted out of another jurisdiction and they will not extradite, do you still have to send a hit confirmation ? NO, but you still need to tell the officer about the unconfirmed hit and advise the officer they will not extradite.
What information is usually entered in the mis field? any descriptive information
can a lost tag be entered NCIC no only a stolen tag is entered NCIC a lost tag can get documented and get a case number.
TRUE OR FALSE an agency calls you and tells you the hit is confirmed is that sufficient FALSE Verbal confirmation is NOT a substitute for a teletype response and DOES NOT meet NCIC hit confirmation procedures. A teletype message MUST be sent.
TRUE OR FALSE an agency sends a hit confirmation on a stolen vehicle but never sends a locate we have to clear that vehicle TRUE when we are officially advised the vehicle has been recovered by another agency we can clear it.
TRUE OR FALSE we receive a locate on a missing person you do not have to clear that missing person TRUE once our agency receives a locate on a missing person it is automatically cleared
TRUE OR FALSE we receive a locate message on a vehicle you do not have to clear that vehicle FALSE you have to go in and clear that vehicle on any record you always want to go in and make sure the record is cleared when you are the entering agency cant rely on another agency .
what does DOE mean on an missing person entry after the date of birth DOE stands for (date of emancipation) and not (date of entry)
Do we enter guns seized during a domestic Enter only the guns used during a criminal act or possessed illegally. Do not enter guns into NJ Trace that are seized as the result of a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO)
Do you enter Black Power, Starter Pistols, BB guns and airsoft guns in E Trace ? No the ATF National Tracing Center cannot trace these items and therefore they should not be entered into NJ Trace.
when in E trace if you cannot find a manufacturer NCIC code do you leave it blank ? No you enter UNK and spell out the manufacturer in the adjacent free text field.
Do you enter guns turned into the police or those considered found or abandoned ? Yes all abandoned guns and guns turned into Police Department will be entered into NJ Trace. (NCIC code for found/abandoned: 0098)
If patrol officer wants a gun entered in E trace with no serial number can you enter it. No do not enter this gun into NJ Trace patrol has to fill a NJ Crime trace request form and fax it to NJ Crime Gun Center at 609-671-0923
Created by: rpratts
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