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Health & Safety Code

Health and Safety Code BPOC

Why do people use drugs? #1 Reason is Addiction, Escape reality, Peer pressure, to feel good
Why do people sell drugs? Money (quick and easy), Family Business, Addiction (to support habbit)
What category is LSD Hallucinogen
Where can you find penalties for drug possession/distribution Health and Safety Code
Cocaine is . . . . The strongest STIMULANT of natural origin
Scientific name for Marijuana Canibus
Forging a prescription is a . . . Class B Misdemeanor (Fraud)
What amount of marijuana can you be charged with A usable amount
What do stimulants do to the nervous system speeds you up
Cheese Mixture of Heroin and Tylenol 3
Peyote South Texas, North Mexico, used by indian tribes (Psilocybin)
3 ways to test for drugs Breath, Blood, Urine
Opium drugs Heroin, Morphine, codine
Depressents do what to the nervous system slow you down
Hallucinogens Cause you to see and hear differently
Pain Killers are Narcotics
Toluene Found in glue
Glue sniffers show signs of. . . dizziness, double vision
PCP is typically applied to. . . mint, parsley, tobacco, marijuana
Surveillance prevent crime, obtain evidence, document individual location/activity, obttain info used in interrigation/court
2 types of surveillance moving / stationary
6 categories of drugs Stimulants, Depressants, Narcotics, Hallucinogens, Marijuana, Simulated Controlled Substances
Created by: DSO Academy