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Traffic Review

Transportation Code

What is the title of chapter 541 of the Transportation Code? Rules of the Road
How many days must a police officer give a violator to appear in court when they give a promise to appear (traffic citation) 10 days
What 2 offenses can you not arrest someone for and you MUST issue a promise to appaer speeding and open container
What states are not a member of the Nonresident Violator Compact of 1977? Alaska, California, Oregon, Michigan, Montana, and Wisconsin
What does a blood bank vehicle become when it is used in an emergency? Authorized emergency vehicle
An operator exempt from the rules regulating traffic in the transportation code, may proceed past a red light after slowing down as necessary and the provisions of the Code do not protect the operator from the consequences of reckless disregard when? Running code to a call
What may you do at a green light? Proceed straight ahead, make a u-turn unless prohibited by a sign, make a left turn providing oncoming traffic has cleared the intersection and make a right turn
What is a warning to vehicular traffic that the related green movement is being terminated and that a red light will soon be exhibited? A steady yellow light
What is a flashing red light? A stop sign
What is one half hour after sunset until one half hour before sunrise? Nightime
What is one half hour before sunrise until one half hour after sunset? Daytime
What can a 16 year old in violation of a law in a vehicle receive? A ticket and so may the operator
The shoulder of the road is a road that is that portion of the highway that is.... Contiguous to the highway
What is a person's signature on a traffic ticket? Not an admission of guilt and is a promise to appear in court
You may not use this to indicate to a driver behind you a "Do Pass" situation. Turn signal
An example of when right of way is given to vehicles in situations and not certain vehicles in general is. A vehicle on the highway has the right of way to a vehicle entering the highway.
The authorized distances within which a stop may be made at a railroad crossing. Within 50 feet but not closer than 15 feet from the nearest rail
How long do you have to take a driver's safety course in order to dismiss a ticket? 90 days
What is an improved shoulder? A paved shoulder
Within how many feet of an intersection must you use a turn signal if you are turning? 100 feet
What must a school bus be? Painted yellow and have the words school bus on it.
What type of license has a profile layout? Provisional license
A driver's license for someone over 21 has what type of layout Horizontal layout
How far behind an ambulance must you be if it is running code? 50 feet
Who can give someone permission to run over a fire hose? The Fire Commander on scene
How old must you be to drive a school bus or taxi? At least 18 years old.
What must you do at a flashing yellow light? Use caution but you do not have to yield.
Prima Facie Speed for Urban District 30mph
Prima Facie Speed for Alley 15mph
Prima Facie Speed for Numbered Highway 70mph
Prima Facie Speed for not a numbered highway 60mph
Prima Facie Speed for an inspected school bus 60mph
Prima Facie Speed for an uninspected school bus 50mph
Prima Facie Speed for a beach 15mph
A dirt road yields the right of way to? A paved road
A service road yields the right of way to? Highway
Who has the right of way at an intersection where both vehicles arrive at the same time? The person on the right.
The person on the left yields the right of way to? the person on the right
Anytime someone is _______ to the road you are entering they have the right of way. already established
When is it okay to drive on an improved shoulder? stop, stand, park, accelerate to enter the main road, decelerate to make a right turn, pass another vehicle that is slowing to make a left turn, to allow a vehicle going faster than you to pass, and to avoid a collision.
Drivers and passengers must have heardear on a motorcycle unless: 21 or older and completed a motorcycle training and safety course OR 21 or older and has health insurance
What is a vehicle? A device that can be used to transport or draw persons or property on a highway.
What is a motorcycle? A motor vehicle other than a tractor that is equipped with a rider's saddle and designed to have not more than 3 wheels on the ground when propelled.
Who may get a driver's license? 18 year olds or older
Who may have a licnese once completed a training program? 16 year olds
Who may have a hardship license once completed a training program 15 year olds
What are the requirements of a hardship license? Must pass a driver's ed course, must pass written exam, must show that if you are denied it will place unusual economic hardship on your family, that it is necessary because of an ill family member
What is a Class A License? 26,001 or more gross vehicle weight rating - towing 10,001 or more
What is a Class B License? 26,000 or more gross vehicle weight rating - towing 10,000 or less
What is a Class C license? Less than 26,001 gross vehicle weight rating and no combination of requirements of A or B license.
When do you not have to stop for a school bus loading or unloading? You are on opposite side of the road and there is a protected median
How long do military members have to get a driver's license? 120 days
The offense of running a red light can only be an offense when? The light was in fact red and not yellow.
What should you do if an emergence vehicle comes up behind you? Move to the right lane and stop if possible.
How close does dumping have to be for it to be a public nuisance offense. 300 feet or less from a public street
What are the requirements for a vehicle's headlights? 2 headlights, one on each side of the vehicle, 24-54 inches from the ground, and must be white and visible at a distance of 1000 feet.
You are not permitted to pass anyone within how many feet of a railroad track or intersection? 100 feet
What should you do when making a right hand turn? Turn as close as practicable to the right curb.
How far from the curb should your tires be when parking? 18 inches or less
What should you do when traffic is slowing? Slow down and stop if needed.
When may you pass a vehicle on the right lane? When on a two lane road and the vehicle is stopped on the left.
When must you stop when coming out of an alley? before the sidewalk
What should you do at a solid yellow light? Slow down and prepare to stop
What is a moped? motor driven cycle that cannot attain a speed of 30 mph in 1 mile and has a piston displacement of 50 cubic centimeters or less.
Who is charged with clearing livestock off of the roadway? Sheriff
Where must you stop at a stop sign? behind the withe line or before the intersection
When can you make a left hand turn on red? When going from a one way street onto another one way street
How many lights total are you allowed to have on the front of your vehicle? 4
What is a light truck? has a manufacturer rated carrying capacity of 2,000 pounds or less
What is a bus? Motor vehicle used to carry 10 or more passengers including the driver
What may a horse, bicycle, etc. be considered when on the roadway? Traffic
When does a pedestrian have the right of way? Inside a marked crosswalk.
How far away from a fire hydrant must you park? 15 feet
How far away from a crosswalk must you park? 20 feet
How far away from a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic control device must you park? 30 feet
What type of license will the DMV issue you if you get a motorcycle license? CM
When may you pass a school bus? After it has resumed motion, the driver signals that you may proceed and the visual sign is no longer actuated.
What is a highway? A public highway that is in the designated state highway system, is designated a controlled access facility and has a minimum of 3 travel lanes in each direction of travel
What is a passenger car? a motor vehicle used to transport persons and designed to accommodate 10 or fewer passengers including the driver
What are tail lamp requirements? 2 tail lamps, height from 15-72 inches, spaced as widely apart as practicable, must be red and visible at a distance of 1000 feet from the rear of the vehicle
What are the license plate light requirements? must be white light and visible at a distance of 50 feet
What are the stop lamp requirements? 2 stop lamps, mounted on the rear of the vehicle, must be red or amber, visible at a distance of 300 feet and display when the brake is applied
What are the turn signal lamp requirements? Must be in the front, rear and sides of vehicle; spaced as widely apart as practicable; white or amber on the front and red or amber on the back; must be visible from 500 feet if vehicle is 80 inches wide or more and 300 feet if less than 80 inches wide
What are the reflector requirements? Must have 2 red reflectors on the rear and can be part of the tail lamp, mounted at a height of 15 - 60 inches, and visible at night at a distance of 100-600 feet.
What is a roadway? portion of a municipal street that is improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular travel.
What is a motor vehicle? motor driven or propelled vehicle required to be registered under the laws of this state; a travel trailer; an all terrain vehicle or a recreational off highway vehicle; and a motorcycle, motor driven cycle, or moped that is not required to be registered
When is a vehicle deemed to be abandoned? Has been left for longer than 48 hours on a highway and is subject to removal by a police officer
What are the requirements when towing a vehicle? Must be no more than 15 feet between your vehicle and he one you are towing; must place a white flag in the middle of the tow bar/chain; and the flag must be 12" square
You can have up to what percentage of tint? 25%
When must a train blow their horn? within 1500 feet of a railroad crossing
What are the requirements when carrying a load? If sticks out over 4 feet from the back of the vehicle you must tie a red flag on the end of the load and it has to be 12" square
What is a farm tractor? A motor vehicle designed and used primarily as a farm implement to draw an implement of husbandry, including a plow or a mowing machine
What chapter of the Texas Penal Code is DWI found in? Chapter 49
How close to a railroad crossing or an intersection can you not pass? within 100 feet
When can you be held for negligent behavior that causes harm? If violating company policy
What is the first thing you do when arriving on the scene of a crash? Check on the people involved in the crash.
Who sets the prima facie speed limits? Texas Department of Transportation
What is it when you drive at a rate greater than is reasonable and prudent under then circumstances existing? speeding
How many days do you have to get a vehicle inspected after it expires? 5 days
How many days do you have to get a vehicle registered after it expires? 5 business days
When operating a vehicle that emits visible smoke for 10 second or longer or smoke that remains suspended in the air for 10 seconds it is a what? Offense
You may not operate a vehicle equipped with what? red, white or blue beacon flashing or alternating light
Where may an operator not back a vehicle? on a shoulder or roadway of a limited access or controlled access highway
How old must you be to ride in the bed of a truck? 18 years old
It is an offense to transport a child without a car seat when? The child is younger than 8 years old, unless the child is taller than 4 feet 9 inches.
Created by: DSO Academy
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