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CCP Questions

Contempt $10-$200 fine for not assisting officer or not serving a warrant
Family Violence Requirement Peace Officer Must Make A Report
Criminal Code of Procedure CCP What gives a texas peace officer the legal authority to arrest
Search Warrant Time Frame 3 Days not including day of issue or day of service
Exigent Circumstances Can kick door in
Complaint Formal accusation of guilt for misdemeanor
Capias CLERK can issue. Request to bring a person at a specific place and time
Knock down mailbox on highway Notify the owner
Commitment Court document to put someone in jail
Most important Miranda Warning Right to an attorney
Search Warrant Only peace officer can execute
Time frame to be Magistrated 48 hours
Standard Felony Limitation 3 years
Standard Misdemeanor Limitation 2 years
Contraband Anything illegal to posess
Person's rights when arrested for Felony Examining trial Right to bail Right to attorney
JP relating to deaths Conducts the inquest
Inquest Investigation of a death
Medical Examiner county population requiremet 1 million
Duty of Peace Officer Preserve the Peace
Who can prevent consequences of theft Anyone
Who is NOT a Magistrate D.A.
What can be done to stop a riot Command to disperse Make Arrests
Subpoena Directs a peace officer or other person to testify
What is used to make a Complaint Affidavit
Probable Cause needed in order to ______ ______ ______ Arrest, Search, Seize
Search of Child Must be peace officer of same sex with search warrant
Venue Decision of which county is appropriate
Limitation for theft by public servant (peace officer) 10 years
Limitation for Robbery, Kidnapping, Burglary 5 years
Limitation for Arson 10 years
Limitation for Murder, Sex Assault with DNA, Sex Assault without known suspect Unlimited
Limitation for leaving scene of accident resulting in death Unlimited
Death in Custody Head of Agency must make report to Attorney General within 30 days
How many have to agree on a Grand Jury in order to Indict 9 out of 12 (75%)
Bail amount based on Considering the victim considering the offense committed considering if person has ability to pay
Where are Felony Cases original jurisdiction District Court
Where are Misdemeanor cases original jurisdiction JP or Municipal Court
Order of Courts JP/Municipal, County, District (Felonies, also not appeals court), Court of Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals/Texas Supreme Court Note: Capital cases appeal directly to Court Criminal Appeal
Bail Surety to make sure someone appears in court
Created by: DSO Academy
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