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Traffic BPOC

Farm Tractor Motor Vehicle used as farm implement to draw an implement of husbandry
Implement of Husbandry Designed or adapted for use as a farm implement
Light Truck Pickup truck/panel delivery truck carrying 2000 lbs or less
Authorized Emergency Vehicle Police, Fire, Ambulance Private vehicle of EMS responding to emergency Organ transplant delivery
Bicycle Human powered / 2 wheels / 14 inches or larger
Bus Motor Vehicle designed to accomodate more than 10 passengers including the driver, or Motor vehicle (non taxi) designed to transport people for hire.
Moped Motor Driven Cycle / <30mph / 50 cubic centimeters or less
Motorcycle Motor Vehicle with not more than 3 wheels and has a saddle seat
Motor Driven Cycle Motorcycle with an engine less than 250 cubic centimeters
Motor Vehicle A self propelled vehicle, including overhead electric trolleys, does not include an electric bicycle or personal mobility device
Multifunction school activity bus MOTOR VEHICLE used to transport students to activities, no specific number of passengers
Passenger Car Motor Vehicle other than a motorcycle 10 or fewer passengers including driver
Pole Trailer Designed to be drawn by another vehicle. Secured to other vehicle by pole, reach boom, or other security device
Police Vehicle Used by peace officer, owned by the agency
Road Tractor Motor Vehicle designed and used to draw another vehicle but not constructed to carry any of the load of that vehicle
School Activity Bus 15 or more passengers, transports students to activities
School Bus Transports students to and from school / home
Semitrailer Vehicle with or without motive power other than a pole trailer Drawn by motor vehicle / part of weight rests on that vehicle Designed to transport people or property
Special Mobile Equipment Steemroller etc
Trailer vehicle other than pole trailer, drawn by motor vehicle none of it's weight rests on that vehicle designed to transport people or property
Truck Motor vehicle designed to transport property
Truck Tractor The motorized front portion of an 18 wheeler
Vehicle Device that can be used to transport people / property on hwy Doesn't include trains/railcars/manufactured housing
Electric bicycle A Bicycle powered by electric motor Not more than 20 mph without human power
Operator A person who drives or has control of a vehicle
Pedestrian Person on foot Personal mobility device
School crossing guard at least 18 years old
Metropolitan Areas cities with population of at least 100,000
Business District 600 ft segment, 300 ft occupied by buildings
Residence District 300 ft segment, occupied by residences
Urban District 1/4 mile segment, occupied by houses, buildings not more than 100 ft apart from each other
Traffic Pretty much anything that uses a highway for travel
Alley Not used primarily for through traffic
Freeway Divided, Controlled Access Highway
Highway or street Width between boundary lines of public roadway any part of which is open to vehicular travel
Improved Shoulder Paved
Laned Roadway A roadway that is divided into at least 2 individually marked lanes for vehicular travel
Roadway portion of highway other than shoulder that is improved and ordinarily used for vehicular travel
Rear Lighting/Reflectors Must be red
Rear signaling device color red, amber, yellow
Headlamps visibility 1000ft, or at night Not more than 4 at a time activated One on each side of vehicle, 300 candle power
Operation of vehicle by person under 18 not between 12am and 5am, No wireless device only 1 non family passenger under 21
Children not allowed on motorcycle under 5 years old
Riding in back of pickup must be 18+, unless on beach or parade, or farm
Child safety seat requirements required unless 8+ years old or taller than 4'9", unless no seats available
Towing vehicle requirements not more than 15ft, 12x12 white flag in middle
Use of rest area restrictions Cannot stay more than 24 hours Cannot erect tents etc. unless permitted
Crossing fire hose? You may not cross unless given permission by the top ranked firefighter on scene
Unattended motor vehicle requirements Engine off, Locking ignition, key removed Parking brake set, wheels turned to curb
Official traffic control device A sign signal marking or device that is used to regulate Warn or guide traffic
Traffic control signal Manual electric or mechanical device that directs traffic to stop and to proceed
Daytime Half hour before sunrise to half hour after sunset
Gross vehicle weight Weight of a vehicle and its load
Nighttime Half hour after sunset to half hour before sunrise
Parking To stand a vehicle other than temporarily
Stop To completely cease movement Momentarily halting vehicle
Standing To halt a vehicle other than temporarily while letting people in or out
Illegal dumping 300 feet
New resident must get Texas license within 90 days
Resident must make address change on license within 30 days
Class A license 26,001 in combination Trailer more than 10,000
Class B License 26,000 single unit Trailer NOT more than 10,000 Bus with 24 passengers or more
Class C license Less than 26,000 in combination Less than 24 passengers Farm trailer not more than 20,000
Class M license Motorcycle Must also have class A, B, or C
Passing to the left Must complete before oncoming vehicle within 200 feet. Vehicle being passed must allow you to pass without speeding up
No U turn while approaching vehicle Not visible at 500 feet or within 500 get of crest or grade
You must signal turns within 100 feet before turning
Manual turn signals using arm Straight out - left Arm straight out and up - right Arm slanted down - braking
Prima Facie Unwritten rule
When approached by emergency vehicle Move to the far right and stop
When passing an emergency vehicle Slow to 20 mph less or move over one lane
Train tracks Must stop at least 15 ft But not more than 50 ft
Hazmat vehicles at railroad Must slow to 20 mph within 200 ft of track. In city, they have to stop.
Can not stand or park vehicle In front of driveway 15 ft of fire hydrant 20 ft of crosswalk 30 ft of signal or sign 20 ft of fire station entrance same side 75 ft of fire station entrance opposite side 50 ft of railroad
Parking distance from curb 18 inches
Created by: DSO Academy
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