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Chapter 4 vocabulary

Application term used to refer to the specific use of a computer and jobs it can perform.
backup a second copy of computer data made to avoid data loss in the event of a computer outage
Byte a unit that measures data. one byte is the equivalent of one letter, number, or punctuation mark. a kilobyte is one thousand byte.
Case management the electronic filing system used in federal court system
cd-rom compact disk-read only memory
cpu the brain of the computer
database a compilation of data fields and records
database management system software used to collect data
data source file that contains names, dates, etc
document management system manages electronic files
electronic filing system used by courts
email delivering and receiving messages electronically
field one piece of information used as a data source
fonts style and size of letters
footers information at bottom of documents
graphical user interface system using icons
hardware physical computer parts
headers information at top of documents
input device keyboard,mouse, etc
justification types of text alignments
links web addresses that lead to websites
local area network linking local computers
macro feature to allow operator to record multiple keystrokes
mainframe computer Large, high speed mainframes
malware protects from viruses
metadata data stored in computer
microcomputers small sized computer
minicomputers mid sized powerful computers
open codes codes to change line spacing
operating system software that controls the flow of information
optical character recognition scanner that converts an image into a character based text file
output device moniter and or printer
paired codes like underline, italics, and styles
peripherals devices that are connected to a computer
portable computers notebooks, laptops, tablets,
record made up of all the fields
redline allows you to compare 2 documents
repetitive stress injury Carpal tunnel
software programs needed to instruct control and operate the hardware
styles how something looks
track pad finger tip control
trackball like finger tip control
uniform resource locator where websites are located
usb drives hold transportable data
virus computer code
web brower allows you to explore the web
webcam video camera
web page or website individual site
wide area network linking computers far away
zip drive portable computer drive
accounting equation computer code for equations
balance different between total debits and credits
bank draft check issued by a bank
blank endorsement signature of the payee which makes the check payable to bearer
block billing practice of grouping all time spent on a project
cashiers check check drawn by a bank on its own funds
certified check check issued by a bank that reduces the drawers money in account
circular E-the employers tax guide booklet published periodically by the its
credit entry made on right side of an account
debit entry made on left side of an account
drawee person that takes money out
drawyer person who the check is written too
employer identification number number assigned to an employer by the its
fair labor standards act minimum wage laws, overtime pay, hour worked.
for deposit only restrictive endorsement used on checks to be deposited
matters individual piece of legal work
money order payment document that can be purchased
payee person to whom a promissory note, bank draft is issued
payroll records records of listing employees, earnings and deductions
payroll register a business form on which all payroll info is recorded
principal amount a borrower promises a pay that is written on the face of a note
pro bono legal work performed for free
reconciliation bank statement and check register into agreement
retainer advance payment made to cover anticipated work
withholding taxes time that is reduced or removed from bill to create a discounted bill
written down funds withheld by the employer from employees payroll check for payment of federal
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