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Swahili Beginner

Beginning Phrases

Asante Thank you
La Asante No thank you
Mimi I
Wewe You
Mzuri Good
Kwaheri Good bye
Karibuni nyumbani. Welcome to our home.
Jina langu ni Whitney. My name is Whitney.
Jina lako ni nani? What's your name?
Nimefurahi kukutana na wewe. Nice to meet you.
Mimi pia. Me too.
Mimi ni Muamerika. I'm American.
Kunradhi. Excuse me.
Unasemaje "(insert word)" ? How do you say (insert word) ?
Samahani. I'm sorry.
Tafadhali. Please.
Sielewi. I don't understand.
Tamka polepole. Speak slower.
Moja 1 One
Mbili 2 Two
Tatu 3 Three
Nne 4 Four
Tano 5 Five
Sita 6 Six
Saba 7 Seven
Nane 8 Eight
Tisa 9 Nine
Kumi 10 Ten
Sawa saw. Okay.
Una taka nini? What do you want?
Una taka ...(insert word)? Ex. Una taka chakula? Do you want...? Ex. Do you want food?
Habari yako? How are you?
Mzuri sana. I'm well.
Poa Cool
Sabalkheri. Good morning.
Habari za mchana. Good afternoon.
Habari za jioni. Good evening.
Usiku mwema. Good night.
Bafu liko wapi? Where is the bathroom? (formal)
Sijui. I don't know.
Siongei Swahili. I don't speak Swahili.
Waweza rudia hiyo tafadhali? Can you repeat that, please?
Ndio. Yes.
Hapana. No.
Ni ngapi? How much?
Kichwa kinaniuma. I have a headache.
Tumbo linaniuma. I have a stomachache.
Nashukuru. I appreciate it.
Asante sana mwenzangu. Thank you very much
Hii ni nini? What is this?
Unaishi wapi? Where do you live?
Niko sawa. I'm okay.
Sasa ni saa ngapi? What time is it?
Wewe unafanya nini? What are you doing?
Mimi naona runinga. I'm watching tv.
Mimi nalala. I'm sleeping.
Mimi napika. I'm cooking.
Nini mbaya? What's wrong?
Hali ya anga iko vipi? How is the weather?
Kuna jua. It's sunny.
Kuna mawingu. It's cloudy.
Kuna mvua. It's rainy.
Kuna baridi. It's cold.
Wewe uko na njaa? Are you hungry?
Chai Tea with milk
Created by: wingram93259
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