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Words to know!

ndege plane
tamu sweet
nguo clothes
chache little
chupa bottle
kuamdika to write
barua letter
kuambia to tell
wali cooked rice
mchele uncooked rice
mpunga farm rice
maua flowers
paka cat
huku chicken
mboga stew
kusaidia to help
kupata to get
shilingi shilling
basi well
tena again
dola dollar
kipindi time period
kutegemea to depend
bustani garden
kawaida normally
kitunguu onion
mkate bread
mboga vegetable
kupanda to plant
safisha clean
kuuza to sell
mazao produce
mimea plants
mara kwa mara often
dhania celery
nyanya tomato
pilipili pepper
kuosha to wash
kuanza to finish
kurudi to comeback
kanisa church
chamsa kinywa breakfast
kituo station
mbalimbali different
mvuvi fisherman
badalisha change
upesi quick
maktaba library
kuchagua to choose
nyama meat
baridi cold
reno word
tosha sufficient
lami paved road
barabara road
udongo dirt
mahitaji needs
ghali expensive
hali condition
kutumia to use
kuuma to hurt
pya new
nywele hair
macho eyes
masikio ears
pua nose
kidevu chin
kifua chest
kwiko elbow
vidole fingers
ukucha nail
goti knee
unyayo foot
kisigi ankle
mguu leg
mkono hand
bega shoulder
kiuno waist
mgongo back
mdomo mouth
shingo neck
uso face
Created by: joannataylor1