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Academy Final

Final Review for Cadets - 26 cards. SWAT, DT, Traffic Stops, Range

DT: Handcuffs are applied where on the hand? On the Radial-ulna
Range: Weight should be shifted where when firing? Forward
Range: Where on the gun must you look to aim? Top of sights
Range: What is the distance between feet in the taught stance? Should-length apart
SWAT: What 5 units are our SWAT teams divided into? Entry, inner perimeter, TEMS, HNT, snipers
DT: What level of force will you always use? Reasonable force
Traffic Stops: You should exit the vehicle quickly when arriving at a TS, TRUE OR FALSE True
Traffic Stops: The driver isn't mandated to stay in the car, TRUE OR FALSE True
Traffic Stops: High risk stops require only one officer car, TRUE OR FALSE False, 2 car minimum
SWAT: When searching, how do you hold? How do you clear? Hold long, clear short
SWAT: Inner perimeter is responsible for getting food to the snipers, TRUE OR FALSE False
SWAT: Inner perimeter deals with gas deployment, TRUE OR FALSE True
ALL: What makes a valid threat? Intent, means, and opportunity
DT: What is the next step after applying handcuffs? Check tightness
SWAT: How long does it take SWAT to deploy on average? 45min-1hr
SWAT: What common IED should you be aware of? 1. HAW 2. PVC 3. JKL 2. PVC
DT: Can police use force as punishment? TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
Traffic Stops: The driver of the suspect vehicle denies running a red light. Do you answer to this comment or ignore it? Ignore, no "roadside trial"
SWAT: "Arresting team" is a unit in SWAT, TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
SWAT: Priority of life goes in this order: 1. Hostage 2. Civilian 3. Police Officer 4. Suspect 5. SWAT Officer, TRUE OR FALSE FALSE: Hostage, Civilian, Police Officer, SWAT Officer, Suspect
SWAT: If you think there is nobody in the location you're searching, you may search alone, TRUE OR FALSE FALSE: NEVER SEARCH ALONE
DT: Who decides the level of force used? Police or suspect? Suspect (Can be compliant or non-compliant, their choice)
SWAT: Button hook is a valid tactic, TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
SWAT: Jerry Ring is a valid tactic, TRUE OR FALSE FALSE
DT: Escort hold STARTS where? Shoulder
SWAT: Proper attitude is required for building searches T/F? TRUE
Created by: dornfeldgresham