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AJ 6 Chpt 3-5

Police Operations Test 2

Detention without probable cause that is factually indistiguishable from an actual arrest. It's tantamount to an actual arrest.... De Facto Arrest
The almost limitless variations of contacts between the public and the police... Continuum of Contacts
The type of law that deals with content or what behaviors are considered crimes. Substantive laws
Which type of crime needs to be committed in the officers presence in order for a valid arrest if there is no warrant A misdemeanor
What is the common name for Oleoresin Capsicum? Pepper Spray.
This doctrine states that because automobiles are mobile, officers may search them without a warrant if they have probable cause to believe the car contains evidence of a crime. The Carroll Doctrine (Carroll v US 1925)
What is Curtilage and what is the rule as it applies to searches? The house and area immediatleysurrounding it. Thiscannot be searched without a warrant.
This patrol method seeks to thwart crime through an ongoing presence or potential presence of police officers Preventive Patrol
This type of patrol involves unstructured patrol throughout a beat in an effort to deter crime be creating a sense of police omnipresence. Routine (aka random) Patrol
This type of patrol method assigns multiple units to a single area or beat. While one responds to calls, the other continues to patrol the beat. Split Force Patrol
This patrol method uses a large number of officers for specific enforcement in a concentrated area (a hot spot or DUI checkpoint for example). Saturation Patrol
This type of patrol method is deemed more productive because it uses officers discretionary patrol time to focus on specific department goals as discovered via problem oriented policing. Directed (aka Targetted) Patrol
What is Problem Oriented Policing? A proactive approach to policing that focuses on problems to be solved (macro) versus incidents to be responded to (micro).
What is SARA? A problem solving process. Scan, Analyze, Respond, Assess
What is proportionate assignment Determination of assignment to respond based on type of request for service, severity of the crime, population size and make-up, route. Max 3 minute response time.
What is a Discovery Crime A crime that is discovered only after the crime has been completed
What is an Involvement Crime? Offenses in which the victim and suspect confront each other.
Traffic Calming Modifying road design and environmental conditions making it more difficult for a driver to speed.
Enforcement Index Figure based on the number of tickets issued for hazardous driving to the number of fatal and personal injury crashes. Considered effective if you are convicting 20-25 violators per fatal or personal injury crash.
Persistent lawbreakers are called Scofflaws
Pretext Stop. Also called a ____ ____ ____. Officer stops driver to investigate a traffic violation but also because driver looks suspicious; Dual Motive Stop.
Nystagmus The involuntary bouncing or jerking of the eye. Usually indicative of intoxication.
Law stating that if you get a drivers license, you agree to take tests to determine your ability to drive. Implied Consent Law
What are the three areas Patrol Traffic Services (PTS) are divided into? Traffic Direction/Control, Traffic Enforcement, Crash Investigation.
Nationwide, what is the number one traffic enforcement problem? DUI
PC that defines what is an arrest. Define. PC 834 - An arrest is the taking of a person into custody in a manner authorized by law
This PC defines how an arrest is made. Define PC 835 - An arrest is made by actual restraint of a person or by submission to the custody of the police officer.
What is PC 415? Disturbing the Peace
What is Rhumberg Method to determine if a driver is under the influence
What are the four standardized sobriety tests officers conduct to determine a persons level of sobriety? One leg stand, Finger to Nose, Walk and Turn, Close eyes and count to 30,
Missed on T2 What is the number one traffic complaint in residential areas Speeding
Missed on T2 Which traffic law denies discretion to officers? Statutory laws
Almost missed on T2 Which vehicle provides the most stealth for officers The bicycle
Which amendment deals with search and seizure Amendment 4
Created by: JeromeG
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