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E21 Vocab Words

words for e21 vocab

a natural body or object that goes around another satellite The moon is a natural satellite.
to pull or draw something out of something else extract I extracted the information about the Civil War from the textbook.
to express, show, in a matter of a painting, feeling, etc. represent In this painting the cat represents evil and the bird, good.
trembling or quivering movement; tremor trepidation The trepidation of the scared little boy was massive when he saw his parents burn in a fire.
To follow someone or something for a very specific purpose, usually hostile, like bringing legal action. pursue Jimmy broke his arm at work, so he pursued legal action against his company.
The act of treating someone with violence, dishonor, or outrage. violation The man was fined for a violation of his restraining order.
punishing, exhausting, torturous, grueling The work given to the prisoners was grueling, being harsh and torturous.
to see things mentally, especially future events envision The fortune teller could envision the person’s future, and tell him what would happen.
“in my view”, recommend, suggestions advise I advise you to be safe on Halloween.
inclined to a talent. aptitude The boy had a special aptitude for opera singing.
to enlist new members (usually in the armed forces) again recruit The general helped to recruit three new soldiers.
to face something to the east or in any specific direction orientation We went to the high school orientations to see which high schools we wanted rise into.
a half-year term in a school or college, typically lasting fifteen to eighteen weeks, midterm break semester This semester in college was long as I continued to keep my grades up.
Created by: doopydino
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