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People and Animals P

Plurals only, from Steere's bok

mawakili agents
siafu biting ants
chungu black ants
nyani apes
mashangazi aunts
vinyozi barbers
nyuki bees
ndege birds
maaskofu bishops
vipofu blind people
wavulana boys
ndugu brothers or sisters
nyati bison
mafahali bulls
kulungu bushbucks
ngamia camels
maseremala carpenters
paka cats
ng'ombe cows
tandu centipedes
madreva chauffeurs
majumbe chiefs
makarani clerks
majogoo cocks
mende cockroaches
mbega colobusses
majemadari commanders
mamba crocodiles
kunguru crows
mashemasi deacons
viziwi deaf people
majine spirits
mbwa dogs
punda donkeyes
hua doves
mabata ducks
vibeti dwarfes
pofu elands
tembo elephants
maadui, adui enemies
baba fathers
samaki fish
viroboto fleas
inzi, mainzi flies
kuku fowl, hen, chicken
marafiki, rafiki friends
vyura frogs
paa gazelles
twiga giraffes
mbuzi goats
maliwali governors
mabibi grandmothers
wasichana girls
kongoni wildebeasts
fisi hyenas
mwewe hawks
viboko hippopotamusses
farasi horses
mabanyani Hindoos
makadhi judges
mabibi ladies
viwete lamepeople
chui leopards
simba lions
mabwana, bwana masters
kima monkeys
tumbili monkeys
mbu mosquitos
mama mothers
mbuni ostriches
nguruwe pigs
njiwa pigeons
makasisi priests
sungura rabbits
panya rats
vifaru rhinoceroses
mabaharia sailors
nge scorpions
maboi servant
papa sharks
kondoo sheep
maumbu sisters
nyoka snakes
askari soldiers
masuitani Sultans
mchwa termites
kobe tortoises
kasa turtles
mawaziri viziers
tai vultures
madobi washermen
vijana youth
punda milia zebras
Created by: meredithl2013
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