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U Class Nouns

From Steere's book

uzee old age
udevu a hair of the beard
uzuri beauty
uchungu bitterness
upofu blindness
upindi bow
upanda breadth
ukingo brink
ufagio broom
utoto childhood
ukucha claw, nail
ushujaa courage
ua courtyard
wokofu deliverance
uovu eil
uso face
uwongo falsehood
woga fear
ukali fierceness
ukuni piece of firewook
unga flour
wayo footprint
uma fork
upole gentleness
utukufu glory
wema goodness
wali cooked grain
uji gruel
ufizi gum of the teeth
nywele the hair
akufi handful
uvivu idleness
urithi inheritance
wino ink
upele pimples
ubishi joke
ufunguo key
ufalme kingdom
utambi candle wick
ukurasa leaf of a book
urefu length
umeme lightning
uzima life
unyonge meanness
wavu net
usiku night
upunzi nonsense
uapo oath
ubao plank
wingi plenty
ngali porridge
nmaskini poverty
uwezo power, ability
ugomvi quarrel
utulivu quietness
wembe razor
ufufo resurrection
wali cooked rice
utumwa slavery
ushirika sharing, partnership
usafi cleanness
werevu shrewdness
ugonjwa sickness, disease
upanda side
wimbo song
wengu spleen
uzi string
utepe stripe, line
usuitani sultanship
upanga sword
wizi theft
wakati time
ulimi tongue
udhia trouble, noise, confusion
uwaziri viziership
ukuta wall
upotevu wastefulness
udhaifu weakness
utajiri wealthiness
weupe whiteness, light
upepo wind
uchawi witchcraft
ulimwengu world
ujana youth
Created by: meredithl2013
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