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Swahili Adverbs

From Steere's book

juu above, up, on the top
baadaye after (time)
nyuma behind (place)
tena again
pia also
kabisa utterly, entierly
sikuzote always
mbele before, in front
chini below, at bottom
kahkia certainly, without a doubt
daima continually
hata even
milele ever, forever
halisi exactly
mbali far, far off
upesi fast, quickly
zamani long ago
pole pole quietly, gently, slowly
bure idly
nara immediately
ndani inside
mwisho lastly
tu only
ziadi more
karibu near
kamwe never
bado not yet
sasa now
sasa hivi now at once
mara nyingi often
nje outside
labda perhaps
hasa precisely
yamkini possibly
halafu presently
hima quickly
salama safely
ghafula suddenly
sana very
kweli truly
mno too much
ajabu wonderfully
vema well, properly
Created by: meredithl2013
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