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Ji/Ma Nouns

Singular only, from Steere's book

shauri advice
tendo action
jambo affair, thing, circumstance
mapatano agreement
obzi almond
jibu answer
tao arch
kwapa armpit
jivu ashes
makusanyiko assembly
shoka axe
ganda gark
pipa barrel
bakula basin
tua raided garden bed
tumbo belly
lengelenge blister
jipu boil
chupa bottle
sanduku box
kasha large box
tawi branch
gari car
zizi cattle pen
kapi chaff
kanisa church
kuti leaf of the coconut tree
dafu coconut
makumbi coconut fiber
mazungumzo conversation
agizo commission
matumaini confidence
agano covenant
tango cucumber
giza darkness
matata difficulties
usia direction
shaka doubt
tone drop
vumbi dust
sikio ear
yai egg
jiko eye
maelezo explnation
kosa fault
konde filed
ua flower
inzi fly
tunda fruit
vazi garment
kaburi grave, tomb
jembe hoe
tundu hole
goti knee
fundo knot
jani leaf
embe mango
soko market
jamvi coarse matting
maziwa milk
jina name
kasia oar
mafuta oil
chungwa orange
kafi paddle
papai papaw
kokoto pebble
nanazi pineapple
shimo pit
shamba plantation
sufuria large metal pot
fungu portion, heap
boga pumpkin
swali question
majuto regret
toba repentance
tanga sail
duka store
jiwa stone
jua sun
wazo thought
jino tooth
mashairi verses
maji water
neno wor
juma week
mapenzi wishes
Created by: meredithl2013
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