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People and Animals

Singulars only, from Steere's book

wakili agent
siafu biting ants
thungu black ants
nyani ape
thangazi aunt
kinyozi barber
nyuki bee
ndege bird
askofu bishop
kipofu blind person
mvulana boy
ndugu brother or sister
nyati buffalo
fahli bull
kulungu bushbuck
ngamia camel
seremala carpenter
paka cat
ng'ombe cow
andu centipede
dreva chauffeur
jumbe chief
karani clerk
jogoo cock
mende cockroach
mbega colobus
jemadari commander
mamba crocodile
kunguru crow
shemasi deacon
kiziwi deaf person
jini spirit
mbwa dog
punda donkey
hua dove
bata duck
kibeti dward
pofu eland
tembo elephant
adui enemy
baba father
samaki fish
kirobot flea
inzi fly
kuku chicken, hen
rafiki friend
chura frog
paa gazelle
twiga giraffe
mbuzi goat
liwali governor
bibi grandmother
msichana gril
kongoni wildbeast
fisi hyena
mwewe kawk
kiboko hippopotamus
farasi horse
banyani Hindoo
kadhi judge
bibi lady
kiwete lame person
chui leopard
simba lion
bwana master
kima monkey
tumbili monkey
mbu mosquito
mama mother
mbuni ostrich
nguruwe pig
njiwa pigeon
kasisi priest
sungura rabbit
panya rat
kifaru rhinoceros
baharia sailor
nge scorpion
boi servant
papa shark
kondoo sheep
umbu sister
nyoka snake
askari soldier
sultani Sultan
mchwa termites
kobe tortoise
kasa turtle
waziri vizier
tai vulture
dobi washerman
kijana youth
punda milia zebra
Created by: meredithl2013
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