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N Class Nouns

From Steere's book

Hesabu Accounts
hewa air
sadaka alms, offering
pembe angle, corner
hasira anger
nyama animal, meat, flesh
mdizi bananas
ng'ambo the opposite bank
boriti roof beam, pole
kengele bell
jeneza bier
damu blood
ndoo bucknet, pail
shughuli business, engagement
siagi butter
kofia cap
zulia carpet
bahati chance, luck
sifa character, praise
saa clock, watch, hour
nguo clothes
joho Arab coat
karafuu cloves
rungu club
nazi coconut (when ripe)
kahawa coffee
rangi color, paint
hai condition, state
shaba copper, brass
pembe corner, horn, angle
pamba cotton
desturi custom
tende dates
siku day
deni debt
jahazi boat, sailing vessel
tofauti difference
shida difficulty, distress, trouble
aibu disgrace, reproach
ndoto dream
ngoma drum, dance
dunia the earth
bidii effort, zeal
njaa famine, hunger
hofu fear, dread
homa fever tupa file
bendera flag, banner
nyama flesh, meant
nguvu force, strenght
faida gain, profit, advantage
bustani gardent
samii ghee clarified butter
zawadi gift
dhahabu gold
njugu gorund nuts
bunduki gun
baruit gunpowder
nusu half
leso handkerchief
afya heath, good health
asali honey, syrup
heshima honor, respect
pembe horn
saa hour
nyumba house
njaa hunger
sanamu image, picture, idol
safari journey
furaha joy
haki justice, right
namna kind, sort, patern
wema kindness
ngazi ladder
taa lamp
nchi land, country
sheria law, rule
funzo learning, doctrine
barua letter, note
mwanga light
chokaa lime
hasara loss, damage
bahati luck
jinsi manner, sort
alama mark
maana meaning
dawa medicine
fedha money, silver
sidano needle
habari news
kelele noise, voice sound
pua nose
hesabu number
asili origin
karatasi paper
amani peace
lulu pearl
kalamu pen, pencil
nguzo pillar, column, post
sahani plate
ncha thin end
sumu poison
ngovu power
bei price
faida profit
ahali promise
robo quarter
mvua rain
dini religion
haja request, desire
raha rst
mali riches, property
dari roof, floor, upper
nafasi room, space, time, opportunity
kamba rope
kutu rust
bahari sea
siri secret, mystery
akili sense, intellect, wits
haya shame, modesty
ngao shiled
merikebu ship
dalili sign, mark, evidence
ishara sign, signal
fedha silver
ngozi skin, hide, leather
ndui smallpox
sabuni soap
roho soul, life
nyota star
hali state, circiumstances
fimbo stick
nguvu strength
meza table
lami tar
darubini telescope
hema tent
kut thirst
handaki trench, ditch
hila trick, device
kweli trut
thamani value
mboga vegatable
siki vinegar
njia way, road
ngano wheat
ajabu wonder
kazi work, function
ibada worship
jeraha wound
Created by: meredithl2013
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