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Swahili Verb List

Infinitive form, from Steere's "Swahili Exercises"

kuweza to be able
kukubali to accept
kushtaki to accuse
kupatana to agree
kubadili to alter
kusumbua to annoy
kujibu to answer
kufika to arrive, to reach
kutokea to appear
kuuliza to ask a question
kuamaka to awaken
kuoga to bathe
kuzaa to bear fruit or childen
kuomba to bega
kuanza to begin
kusadiki to believe
kuuma to bite, to sting
kuvuma to blow
kujisifu to boast
kuchemka to boil (neutral)
kuchemsha to boil (active)
kuzaliwa to be born
kupiga kofi to strike
kuvunja to break
kuleta to bring
kujenga to build
kuwaka to burn (neutral)
kuchoma to burn (active)
kuzika to bury
kununua to buy
kuita to call
kutunza to care for
kuchukua to carry, to take
kukamata to catch hold of
kubadilisha to be changed
kudanganya to cheat
kutafuna to chew
kuchagua to choose
kupiga makofi to clap thehands
kusafisha to clean
kupanda to climb up
kukusanya to collect
kamuru to command
kurudi to come back
kukaribia to come near to
kutoka to come, to go out
kushinda to conqueor
kufikiri to consider
kupika to cook
kukohao to cough
kufunika to cover
kuvuka to cross over
kuponda to crush
kulia to cry
kulima to cultivate
kuponya to cure
kukata to cut, to cut down
kucheza to dance
kupungua to decrease
kulinda to defend
kukawia to delay
kukana to deny
kuharibu to destroy
kuchimba to dig
kuagiza to direct
kugawanya to divide
kutenda to do, to act
kukokota to drag
kupiga mstari to draw a line
kuteka maji to draw up water
kuota to dream
kufukuza to drive away
kukauka to get dry
kuanika to put out to dry
kumwaga to dry out
kuisha to end
kuingia to enter
kuokoka to escape
kueleza to explain
kupunguka to fail
kuanguka to fall
kufunga to fasten, to bind, to shut
kuogopa to fear
kulisha to feed
kupigana to fight
kuona to find
kumaliza to finish
kuisha to be finished
kukaza to fix
kusitawi to flourish
kuruka to fly, to jump
kukunja to fold
kufuata to follow
kugombeza to forbid
kusahau to forget
kusamehe to forgive
kupata to get
kulewa to get drunk
kutoka to get out
kuiva to ripen
kuondoka to get up
kupona to get well
kuenda to go
kurudi to go back
kuoza to go bad
kutangulia to go before
kupita to go by
kushuka to go, to come down
kuamkia to greet
kusaga to grind
kulinda to guard
kudhuru to harm
kuchukia to hate
kusaidia to help
kusikia to hear
kuficha to hide
kuzuia to hinder
kupiga to hit, to beat
kushika to hold
kuuma to hurt (neutral)
kuumiza to hurt (active)
kuunga to join
kuhukumu to judge
kuruka to jump, to fly
kupiga teke to kick
kuua to kill
kuchinja to kill for food
kujua to know
kuchelewa to be late
kucheka to laugh
kujifunza to learn
kuacha to leave
kuaga to take leave of
kuinua to life up
kuwasha to light (fire, lamp, etc.)
kupenda to like
kusikiliza to listen
kutazama to look
kutafuta to look for
kulegeza to loosen
kupoteza to lose (active)
kupotea to be lost (neutral
kupenda to love
kushusha to lower
kufanya to make, to do
kuoa to marry a wife
kuolewa to be married
kupima to measure
kukuta to meet with
kuyeyuka to melt (neutral)
kukosa to miss
kuchanganya to mix
kuagiza to order
kupindua to overturn
kuwiwa to owe
kuuma to pain (neutral)
kupita to pass
kulipa to pay
kuokota to pick up
kuweka to palce
kucheza to play
kupeneza to please
kumimina to pour
kutwanga to pound corn
kusifu to praise
kuomba to pray
kufanikiwa to prosper
kuvuta to pull, to draw
kung'oa to pull up
kusukuma to push
kutia to put
kuweka to put away
kuvaa to put on (clothes)
kutoa to put our
kuzima to put out a light
kugombana to quarrel
kupandisha to raise
kufika to reach
kusoma to read
kupokea to receive
kukumbuka to recollect
kukataa to refuse
kujuta to regret
kufurahi to rejoice
kubaki to remain over
kukaa to remain (in a place)
kukumbuka to remember
kukumbusha to remind
kupumzika to rest
kurudi to return, to go back
kurudisha to return, to give back
kuoka to roast
kuoza to rot
kuviringa to be round
kusugua to rub
kupiga mbio to run
kukimbia to run away, to flee
kuokoa to save
kusema to say
kutawanya to scatter
kudharau to scorn
kukuna to scratch
kuona to see
kutafuta to search for
kuonana to see one another
kupeleka to send
kuuza to sell
kushona to sew
kutikisa to shake
kunyoa to shave
kuonyesha to show
kuimba to sing
kuzama to sink
kukaa kitako to sit down
kulala to sleep
kunuka to smell nasty
kunukia to smell nice
kunuza to smell (active)
kusikitika to be sorry
kunena to speak
kutumia to spend
kumwaga to spill
kupasua to split (active)
kupasuka to split (neutral)
kuenea to spread (neutral)
kusimama to stand
kukuaa to stay
kuiba to steal
kupiga to strike, to beat
kutosha to suffice
kuzunguka to surround
kufagia to sweep
kuvimba to swell
kutwaa to take
kuchukua to take away
kuangalia to take care
kuvua to take off (clothes)
kusema to talk
kufundisha to teach
kuonja to taste
kutatua to tear (cloth, etc.)
kurarua to tear in pieces
kuambia to tell
kufikiri to think, to consider
kudhani to think, to suppose
kutupa to throw away
kufunga to tie
kuchoka to become tired
kugusa to touch
kusafiri to travel
kujaribu to try
kugeuza to turn (active)
kugeuka to turn (neutral)
kufunua to uncover
kfungua to unfasten, to open
kutumia to use
kungoja to wait
kutembea to walk about
kutaka to want
kuosha to wash
kufua to wash clothes
kufuta to wipe
kunyima to withhold from
kunawa to wash hands
kustaajabu to wonder
kuabudu to worship
kuandika to write
Created by: meredithl2013
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