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Swahili Unit 15

-a kusisimuwa exciting, fun
bwana swimming pool
mabwana swimming pools
dhaifu weak
-enye afya healthy
=enye umbo la kimazozei in shape
gofu golf
hata even
hema tent
mahema tents
kuangalia to watch
kucheza to play
kuchoka to get tired
kudaka mpira to catch a ball
kuenda kupiga kambi to go camping
kuenda mbio/ kukimbia to run
kuendesha baiskeli to ride a bike
kuongelea to swim
kuota jua to lie in the sun
kupanda milima to go mountain climbing
kupata ngozi ya kahawia to get a tan
kuruka to jump
kurusha mpira to throw a balll
kushinda to win
kushindwa to lose
kutamani to wish
kutembea msafa marefu (kwa kurudani) to hike, go hiking
kuungua kwa jua to get a sunburn
maarufu popular, famous
madhubuti (-enye nguvu) strong
mchezo wa masumbwi boxing
mchezo game, sport
michezo games, sports
mpira wa kikapu basketball
mpria wa magongo hockey
mpria wa mwza ping pong
mpria wa miguu soccer
mpira wa pete netball
mpira wa wavu volleyball
riadha track and field
sehemu place(s)
shindano competition
mashindano competitions
-sie na afya unhealthy
tariban almost
timu team(s)
ufukwe beach
fukwe beaches
uwanja (kiwanja) court, field, ground
uwanja (viwanja) courts, fields, grounds
Ulifanya nini wikiendi? What did you do this weekend?
Nilangalia mpria wa kimarekani kwenye TV. I watched a football game on TV.
Ngapi ngapi? Nani anashinda? What's the score? Who's winning?
Unapenda michezo? Do you like sports?
Nilecheza mprira na marafiki. I played soccer with some friends.
Ninapenda kucheza mpira wa kikapu sana. I like to play basketball very much.
Ninacheza tenisi lakini sijui sana. I play tennis, but I'm not very good at it.
Tulienda kutembea masafa marefu kweye mbuga. We went for a hike in the national park.
Ninapenda kutembea masafa marefu msituni. I love to go hiking in the woods.
Tuliwa na pikiniki (mandari). We had a picnic.
Nilenda kufanya mazoezi kwenye ukubmi wa michezo ya mazoezi ya viuno. I went to the gym and worked out.
Unaafanyaje kuwa na umbo la kimazoezi? How do you stay in shape?
Ninajgi mara nne kwa wiki. I jog four times every week.
Ninataka kufanya kazi ya kujtolea. I want to do volunteer work.
Created by: meredithl2013
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