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Ch 1 The EHR -MOP

The Electronic Health Record - Introduction - Ch 1

The ability to walk or move from one place to another Ambulatory
Stimulus package or Recovery Act ARRA
Methods that have consistently shown superior results and are used as a benchmark or standard until improvements are developed. Best Practice Guidelines
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS
the most commonly accepted term for software with a full range of functionalities to store, access and use patient healthcare information EHR Electronic Health Record
Model where selected healthcare data is transmitted to a centralized electronic record distribution-based model of EHR
Model where patient data resides in the HIT system at the healthcare facility or with a third-party hosting company. Facility-based model of EHR
Model where patients can accumulate their healthcare data and make it accessible online to providers. Web-based personal model
Online applications that are designed to allow patients access to and storage of some of their medical records and allow communication with their providers across the Internet Patient portals
A software program that manages financial transactions, the billing of insurance claims, and the issuing of patient statements. PMS - practice management system
the ability of a software program to accept, send and communicate data from its database to and from multiple vendor's software programs Interoperability
medical software that lacks a full range of higher-end functionalities to store, access,and use patient medical info. EMR- Electronic Medical Record
allow the patient access via the Internet to the medical office's website to store and update personal medical information. PHR - personal health record
The use of computerized tools, usually embedded in an EHR program, to create and sign prescriptions for medicines. e-prescribing
The transmission of healthcare information electronically across organizations within a region, community, or hospital system. HIE - Health Information Exchange
Deals with the storage, retrieval, sharing and use of electronic healthcare information involving computer hardware and software. HIT - Health Information Technology
initiated by Congress to stimulate and increase the use of electronic health records by independent physicians and hospitals over a five-year period. HITECH act
Serves as a resource for the entire health system, support the adoption of HIT, and promote a nationwide health information exchange. ONC
Handheld mobile devices function as a personal information manager PDA- Personal Digital Assistant
The time and place the healthcare provider gives the patient medical care Point of Care
The amount earned from a company's total purchase or investment. ROI - return on investment
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