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Physical Ed Health

Test 2

Muscular System groups of tissue that make body parts move
problems of the muscular system 1. strain- overworking a muscle 2. cramp- when a muscle doesn't relax 3. bruise- when blood vessels are broken in an area
Digestive system organ that takes in food that absorbs by the body
digestion process by which food is broken down
gallbladder pear-shaped sac which lies underneath
saliva liquid thats 99% water
peristalisis wave like movement of the esophagus that moves food down to stomach
problems of digestive system 3. ulcer- open sore in membrane lining the stomach and small intestines 4. gallstones- bile stored in gallbladder hardens into a crystal
excretory system providing ways for waste to be excreted from the body
urinary tract expels waste in the form of urine
problem of the excretory system cancer: (Colon Cancer)- making dietary changes to help prevent it
integrumentary system not only your skin but its also your hair, nails, sweat glands, and oil glands
warts small growths on the skin caused by a virus
natural immunity inborn resistance to certain diseases
acquired immunity body adapts certain invaders and when they come back around again it will know how to fight it
immunity your body's resistance to certain invaders
immunodeficiency disorder body fails to fight off infection or tumors
HIV(Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus that causes AIDS
AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)
autoimmune disease body mistakes its own cells and tissue for possible antigens
Cerebral Palsy condition in which the cerebrum of the brain is damaged
MS(Multiple Sclerosis) a disease in which the outer coating that protects the nerves is damaged
Diabetes disease where the body cannot properly utilize the glucose(sugar) that it needs
Skeletal System combination of joints and connecting tissue
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