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Med Term Rice Chap 5

Medical Terminology Ivy Tech Rice Chapter 5 Integumentary

Skin external covering of the body
four main functions of skin protection, regulation, sensation, secretion
epidermis can be dividied into four strata
stratum corneum outermost, horny layer, consisting of dead cells filled with a protein substance called keratin
stratum lucidum translucent layer lying directly beneath the stratum corneum
stratum granulosum consists of several layers of living cells that are in the process of becoming stratum lucidum
stratum germinativum composed of several layers of living cells capable ofmitosis, or cell division
Dermis sometimes called corlum or true skin, composed of connective tissue contaaing lymphatics, nerves and nerve endings, blood vessels, sebaceous and sweat glands
Hair thin, threadlike structure formed by a group of cells that develop within a hair follice or socket
Shaft visible portion of hair
root part of hair embedded within the follicle
hair papilla a loopof capillaries enclosed within connective tissue at the base of each follicle
pilomotor muscle attaches to the side of each follicle
fingernails and toenails horny cell structures of the epidermis and are composed of hard keratin
lunula crescent-shaped white area of the nail
sebaceous glands oil-secreting glands of the skin
sebumes secretion that lubricates the hair as well as the skin
sweat glands distributed over the entire surface of the body with the exception of the margin of the lips, glans penis, and the inner surface of the prepuce
vernix caseosa a cheeselike substance, covers the fetus until birth
milia white pinhead size papules occuring on the face and sometimes the trunk of a newborn
Acne an imflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles (pimples)
acr/o extremity
chord cord
actin ray
-ic pertaining to
dermat skin
-itis inflammation
albin white
-ism condition
a- without, lack of
lopec fox mange
-la condition
an- without, lack of
hidr sweat
-osis condition
auto- self
-graft pencil,, grafting knife
vuls to pull
-ion process
caus heat
-algia pain
cellul little cell
cutane skin
-ous pertaining to
de- down
cubit to lie
-us pertaining to
dermat/o skin
log study of
-ist one who specializes
ec- out
chym juice
-osis condition
erythr/o red
-derma skin
ex- out
coriat corium
follicul little bag
hidr sweat
aden gland
hyper- excessive
hidr sweat
hypo- under
icter jaundice
integument a covering
intra- within
jaund yellow
kel tumor
-oid resemble
leuk/o white
plak plate
melan/o black
carcin cancer
-oma tumor
miliar millet (tiny)
onych nail
onych/o nail
myc fungus
pachy thick
par- around
onych nail
pedicul a louse
prurit itching
-us pertaining to
rhytid/o wrinkle
-plasty surgical repair
scler/o hard
seb/o oil
-rrhea flow
senile old
kerat horn
sub- below
cutane skin
-ous pertaining to
ungu nail
tel end, distant
ang/i vessel
-ectasia dilation
therm hot,heat
-esthesia sensation
trich/o hair
myc fungus
xanth/o yellow
xer/o dry
emollients substances that are oily in nature, used for dry skin
keratolytics agents that cause or promote loosening of horny (keratin) layers of the skin. May be used for acne, warts
local anesthetic agents inhibit the conduction of nerve impulses from sensory nerves and reduce pain and discomfort, used to reduce discomfort associated with insect bites, burns and poison ivy
antihistamine agents agents that act to prevent the action of histaime, used to help relieve symtoms in allergic responses
antipuritic agents prevent or relieve itching
antibiotic agents destroy or stop the growth of microorganisms
antifungal agents destroy or inhibit the growth of fungi and yeast
antiviral agents agents that combat specific viral diseases
anti-inflammatory agents used to relieve the swelling, tenderness, redness and pain of inflammation
antiseptic agents prevent or inhibit the growth of pathogens
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